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S T A R B O - The Story of Leo Cornell

Game review

Woah, small yet exciting game.
I've finished it faster than expected, but i've received feelings a way more deeper also.
My recense is 9/10 ( the minuses is for confusing menues in launcher - better to edit options in the game and two pluses are for mystery about the story - it can be a real one for trur, but this is just a thought, i didn't found any signs about that yet, )

This game have a much more to tell about itself, it's not about interesting mechanics or fun tasks, nor about hilarious dialogues, which can attract kids, it's about phylosophical thoughts and emotional fire,
As an amateur psyhologist, i can say that almost all associative memory connections and metaphors are correct. I cannot list all of them, because it will ruin sense of the game for the one's, who didn't played yet, but i can say that correlatives between real fears and objected implementations of them, like events, fire, death in a horror, fear of a real death, feeling already dead (because of posible loss of the family members) is exciting enough to think about.
Really, this game made me to think about a life too, for example, it gives you a reason to think - what are you running for?
is it all that matters - work, colleages, family, fears, chained events, and sins? or it's just an empty sound?
The next interesting fact about the game is sound quality, it real composed good as for a game, the tones is quite balanced, it have simple harmonization, nevertheless all musical forms sounds pretty estetical in game's visual environment.
And the last one - main developer asked his family members to work on the game with him, which is unusual nowadays, yes, it's been an habit in the past, when buying a computer was a lot more expensive, and not everyone could afford it.

The next confusing thing after strange settings in launcher is controls - i figured out, that action is LMB (Left Mouse Button), sprint is SHIFT ("shift" key) and, well, that's all.

Overall, this game reminds me of writing books about real stories, i can say, that scenery been written on paper before making the game, or, discussed with other peoples at least.
A good game, a family game.
P.s the code for the shelf is 4321

Minimal requirements is i3-3220t and 2GB (FREE- it means that you must have 2GB + OS med. requirements - if you don't have, just setup a HEAP FILE -> GOOGLE.COM ) RAM at least, not sure about the videocard because i have GTX-750ti.
There a few bugs - so this is a reason why i took 1 point [shelf appearing if stand right in its place before it start to move, some actions bug, + FOV bug after fail/death]
[When the door won't open it's not a bug, the key is required for it.]
Make sure that you have brand-new HDD, and not a 12-year old one, like mine :)

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