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rergato @ Mount & Gun

I'm keeping the name and era but I'm going to go smoke some weed and think of how to revise the lore and setting. Gotta think of something realistic and manageable.
My original idea of all of North America is definitely do-able but it would be lacking important details and is honestly ambitious. And I really don't want to take my amazing continent and downscale it, that's just ugly.

I think I'm going to take Calradia and throw it in the 1890s. This will allow for a lot more artistic freedom (I'm going to love making the uniforms) and it's better suited for Mount & Blade's warlord gameplay.

There'll still be cowboys and revolvers, and even somewhat of a frontier, which'll be the east.

I'll post again when I actually have some stuff to show off!

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rergato @ Mount & Gun

That’s because the modding tools are still TBD.
Can’t make scenes, can’t rig models, can’t animate yet, can’t do all sorts of **** just yet.

Once the modding tools are released, I’ll set the release date.

I assume you haven’t played Warband? Well, it doesn’t matter actually, the game I was going to reference, “Napoleonic Wars”, was multiplayer only. I can see how you think 1892 could be funky. But you will be very surprised at how modular TaleWorlds has made the game. Anything can be replaced or changed, anything can be added. Nothing is really out of reach, lol. Expect Star Wars mods too.

There’s also Mount & Blade: With Fire And Sword that was a single player musket title, and it works. I think you’re being silly lol

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rergato @ A couple uniforms for the Russians. [read desc]

I definitely need to do my research, thanks for the heads up. I added this picture to my collection of references because they had the same weaponry, those are defintely ww1 uniforms tho

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