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I like Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. Not much else.

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Done! Finished! Finito!

RDAisGod Blog

After two weeks of staring at the .Dat file, I'm officially finished with it. I've sent it off to Spino, now we just have to wait for him to get internet back so he can upload the entire patch.

A couple people have already asked me for the finished version when I comlpeted it, but sorry... no. You'll have to wait for Spino to release it.

w00t! Level 12

Update on English Text

RDAisGod Blog

I am currently 90% complete. Working from the bottom of the file, I've gone from entries starting with "Z", and have just now reached the "E"s. When completed, I believe 99% of the game will be in English.

I've added new ranks for end of GC summaries, fixed many tooltips, and translated a whole lot of planetary text. Hopefully, everything I've done is being saved properly, and the file will be sent to Spino within three days.

Staring at a text file for too long...

RDAisGod Blog

...leads to crossed eyes, headaches, and insanity.

Working on the English text file, and I had to redo a good portion after realizing I was spelling some units incorrectly, as well as putting the wrong unit in the wrong place. >_<

For example: I named all of the Missile Silo and Missile Satellite entries "Rocket Silo" or "Rocket Satellite". I feel like an idiot. v_v

So, instead of working on the planet description when you mouse over a planet, I had to redo the Planetary Construction lists where it tells you what building can be constructed on the battle loading screen.

Ugh... No wonder it took so long for the English Text File to get to where it is.

Random Translation Notes

RDAisGod Blog
  • Stopped at: Die Produktionszeit
  • Fast keine- Almost nothing
  • Städte- Cities
  • Wechselhaft- Alternating
  • Komet- Comet
  • Raumtemperatur- Ambient Temperature
  • unbekannt- Unknown
  • kleine Siedlungen, Wälder, Berge- Small settlements, forests, mountains
  • Bewölkt, ab und zu Regen- Cloudy, with occasional rain.
  • Alle: Bodenmine- Everyone: Land mine
  • Einige Wirbeltiere- Some vertebrate animals.
  • Meer, Steppe- Sea
  • Niemand- Nobody
  • Wiesen, Seen, Inseln- Meadows, lakes, islands
  • Ziegen, Schafe- Goats, sheep
  • Eine alte Burg , Hügel, Wälder- An old castle, hills, forests
  • Nebel- Fog
  • Viele- Many
  • Große Wiesen-Large meadows
  • Regen- Rain
  • Genii Gefangenenlager-Genii camp
  • Keine Angaben- No data
  • Wälder, Berge, Unterierdische Tunnel der Genii- Forests, mountains, underground tunnels of the Genii
  • Bewölkt- Cloudy
  • Landlebewesen, Vögel- Land organisms, birds
  • Hügellandschaften, Dörfer- Hilly landscapes, villages
  • Waldlandschaften- Forest landscapes
  • Verschiedene Tierarten- Different animal species
  • Berge, Wälder und Flüsse- Mountains, forests and rivers
  • Große Tierwelt- Large animals
  • Viele Wasserfälle- Many Waterfalls
  • Satte Vegetation- Lush vegetation
  • Nur Vögel-Only birds
  • Wüstengebiete- Desert areas
  • Schweine, Kühe- Pigs, cows
  • Argarfelder, Dörfer- Fields, villages
  • Schatten/Energiewesen- Shadow/Energy Creature
  • Nichts- Nothing
  • Ödland- Wasteland
  • Nebelwesen- Nebula
  • Nicht Vorhanden- Not available
  • Wälder, Höhlen- Forests, caves
  • Feuchtes Klima- Damp climate
  • Meeresschnecken- Sea snails
  • Eisbedeckter Ozean- Ice-covered ocean
  • Kalt- Cold
  • Alles- Everything
  • Käfer- Beetle
  • Wälder, Berge, Flüsse- Forests, mountains, rivers
  • Wüste- Desert
  • Tags über sehr heiß- Days are very hot
  • Vögel und Wirbeltiere- Birds and vertebrate animals
  • Städte, Flüsse, Berge- Cities, rivers, mountains
  • Fische- Fish
  • Berge, Meere, kleine Siedlungen- Mountains, seas, small settlements
  • Ähnliche Wirbeltiere wie auf der Erde- Similar to vertebrate animals on earth
  • Sonnig, vereinzelt Wolken- Sunny, isolated clouds
  • Seen- Lakes
  • käfer- Beetle
  • Feucht- Damp
  • Glüh ähnliche Wesen- Glowing firefly-like entities.
  • Sehr- Extremely
  • Kampf- Academy
  • Palast- Palace
  • Verlassene- Abandoned
  • Weltraum- Space
  • Strahlung- Radiaton
  • Feuerkraft- Firepower
  • Seschwindigkeits- Speed
  • Schwarze- Black
  • Schneestürme- Snowstorms
  • Riesige Wälder- Enormous forests
  • Tarnung- Stealth
  • Niedrigere Produktionszeiten- Lower production times
  • Stützpunktgebäude- Base Buildings
  • Schlachtschiffe- Battleships
  • Kopfgeldjäger- Bounty Hunter
  • Bodeneinheiten- Ground Units
  • Nicht Bewohnbar- Not habitable
  • Mittelschwerer- Medium
  • Limitierte Einheiten- Limited units
  • Kopfgeld- Bounty
  • Keine Angaben- No data

Stargate: Empires at War Unit Descriptions (Wraith/Replicator Space Units)

RDAisGod Blog

Here, I'm listing space units of the Wraith and Replicators.

Wraith Dart
Darts are used by the Wraith to cull humans by beaming and dematerializing their targets. The unlucky victim is stored inside the dart until it returns to the Hive, where those culled are rematerialized and stored as a food source to the Wraith. Darts are also able to pass through a stargate, but are much more likely to be dispatched from a Hive ship in orbit above the planet. It's only armament are twin pulse energy weapons and a self destruct feature.

Wraith Cruiser
Wraith Cruisers are normally employed as escort ships for the larger Hive ship. Each cruiser is armed with multiple energy weapons that are used for ship to ship combat, as well as point defense fighter coverage. Like Hives, they do not posess shielding capabilities, but an ability to regrow damaged portions of the ship thanks to it's organic hull. Cruisers also carry a small number of darts that can serve as added protection from enemy fighters.

Wraith Hive
The home of the Wraith, and the flagship of their fleet, Hives are an integral part of a Wraith's life. Culled humans are stored aboard for feeding purposes, and each one is normally commanded by a Wraith Queen. The energy weapons of a Hive are much stronger than those of a cruiser, being able to deplete the shielding of Daedelus class ships in a few moments. Hives are used as colony ships, so hundreds of thousands of Wraith live aboard each one. They also have an organic hull, which allows the ship to fix damaged areas on it's own.

Stargate: Empires at War Unit Descriptions (Goa'uld/Ori Space Units)

RDAisGod Blog

Here is a list of the Goa'uld and Ori space craft.
I think I've forgotten one or two of them. If someone could tell me which, I'd appreciate it.

Death Glider
The death glider is a staple of the Goa'uld armada. Often used to aid ground forces during planetary invasions, the glider is capable of atmospheric and orbital combat, and can travel underwater for short periods of time. It's inability to enter hyperspace means that where ever you see gliders, there is sure to be a Ha'tak nearby. Armed with twin staff cannons, the death glider's primary role is a fighter.

Needle Threader
The Goa'uld equivalant of a gate ship, the needle threader did not have a very long production run. The act of flying into the gate was known as "Threading the Needle", which very few pilots could master. Teal'c and Hammond piloted one hidden by Master Bra'tac to rescue SG-1 from Hathor's main base on P3X-254.

Tel'Taks are primarily used as cargo ships, but can also be equipped with staff cannons to take on an offensive role. Their size also enables them to be outfitted with Goa'uld cloaks. Shielding, while not common on cargo ships, have been incorporated on Tel'taks in some instances. Aris Boch, a bounty hunter, piloted one in his search for Sokar's bounties.

Al'kesh Bomber
The Goa'uld was in need of a mid range bomber that could assist their ground forces during planetary invasions. An Al'kesh has the ability to travel at sub-light speeds, can enter hyperspace thanks to it's own hyperdrive engine, and even be used as a troop transport. It's offensive capabilities include dual staff cannons and plasma charges used during bombing runs.

Old Ha'tak
The mothership of the Goa'uld armada, these obsolete Ha'taks are still a formidable foe which can travel at sub-light speeds and enter hyperspace. Armed with 60 staff cannons that can be used for both orbital bombardment and ship to ship combat, a Ha'tak can fire 200 megaton shots from it's larger cannons. Ha'taks also house death gliders in a hanger at the base of the pyramid. It's shields have the ability to protect the crew from a blue star corona for ten hours.

Apophis' Mothership
Apophis' mothership was a new and improved Ha'tak. Changes to the original design include an improved hyperdrive and much stronger weapons. It has the ability to destroy a fully funtioning Ha'tak in just a few shots. Shielding has also been improved, but was ineffective against the Replicators. After being transported to another galaxy by a supernova, it was set to self destruct after being overrun by Replicators.

Anubis' Mothership
The strongest ship in the Goa'uld fleet, Anubis' mothership was built from a combination of Goa'uld and Ancient technology. Vastly superior to any ship commanded by the Tauri, it's shields could withstand the barrage of fire from an entire Goa'uld fleet. Weapons include turret based staff weaponry used for ship to ship combat and point defense fighter protection. It's super weapon, powered by the "Eye's of the Goa'uld", is capable of obliterating a planet such as Abydos.

Ori Fighter
One of only two ship types developed by the Ori, the fighter outclasses ships of similar size such as the Goa'uld death glider and Al'kesh. Their primary role is to search inhabited planets for an altar that symbolized the popuation embraced Origin. If no altar is present, the fighter woud provide cover for the invading Ori army until the population either embraced the religion or was wiped out.

Ori Mothership
The pride of the Ori fleet, the mothership is the only other ship produced by the Ori. Weaponry consists of a singular Ori energy beam that can destroy a Ha'tak in one shot or severely deplete an Asgard designed shield. Secondary pulse weapon emplacements line the entire ring of the ship, providing maximum protection from any angle. Shields of an Ori mothership can withstand a very large amount of damage, but it has been noted that the shield fluctuates when the primary weapon fires.

Stargate: Empires at War Unit Descriptions (Tauri/Asgard Space Units)

RDAisGod Blog 3 comments

At least, I think so.

I'll start with the Tauri ships.
Just leave a comment if I've forgotten one or made a mistake.

The very first attempt by the Tauri at creating a fighter capable of space flight. The X-301 was comprised of parts salvaged from two Goa'uld death gliders as well as Human technology. Ultimately, the X-301 failed during it's first test flight, when a recall device within the death gliders made control of the craft impossible.

As successor to the X-301, the F-302 is built entirely from Human technology. Seating a pilot and RIO (Radio Intercept Officer), it played a key role in defending SG-1 as they attempted to get the Ancient Chair beneath the Antartic ice operational. Armament consists of Naquadah enhanced AIM-120 Slammer missiles and projectile cannons.

The X-303 is the first interstellar capital ship created by the Tauri. A combination of Goa'uld and Human technology, the X-303 is armed with 4 rail guns and 16 missile batteries. The X-303 is capable of traveling at sub-light speed, and can enter hyperspace thanks to a salvaged Al'kesh hyperdrive engine.

X-303 Prometheus
Commanded by Colonel Lionel Pendergast, the Prometheus is an X-303 with Asgard upgrades. Improvements include an Asgard hyperdrive and beaming technology. The Prometheus is destroyed above the planet Tegalus after attempting to destroy an Ori satellite.

A second generation battle cruiser built by the Tauri. Technologies that were added to the Prometheus over time was incorporated into the design of the BC-304 from it's conception. Ring transporters of Goa'uld design as well as Asgard shields, weapons, hyperdrive, and beaming technology make the BC-304 a formidable ship. Armament consists of multiple railgun emplacements, and missile batteries that fire Mark III and Mark VIII nuclear warheads.

BC-304 Daedalus
The Daedalus is commanded by Colonel Steven Caldwell, and is frequently used as Transportation between Earth and Atlantis. On board, an Asgard engineer named Hermiod has overridden the Asgard beaming safeguards, which allow it to beam nuclear warheads directly inside an enemy ship's shields if it is not actively jamming Daedalus' beam technology.

BC-304 Odyssey
Colonel Paul Emerson commands the Odyssey, which became Earth's first line of defense after the destruction of the Prometheus. Odyssey is upgraded with Asgard weaponry after traveling to the Asgard home world, Orilla. It has also acquired the ability to cloak, thanks to Merlin's knowledge. It has been a part of countless missions including delivering the Sangraal to the Ori galaxy, Sealing the Ori supergate, and assisting SG-1 in it's search for the Ark of Truth.

BC-304 Korolev
The Korolev is a gift to the Russians for allowing the United States to continue using it's Stargate. Commanded by Colonel Chekov, it is destroyed in a battle against the Ori above P3Y-229. Only eight crew members survive it's destruction.

Puddle Jumper
Discovered on Atlantis, the puddle jumper can only be piloted by a person with the ATA (Ancient Technology Activation) Gene. Puddle jumpers are classed as gate ships and can be controlled by thought. They have a built in DHD, which enables it to dial and travel through stargates. Puddle jumpers are equipped with cloaks which give it stealth capabilities. In emergencies, the cloak can be converted to a shield, but it consumes power at a rapid pace. Armed with drone weaponry.

Aurora Class Battleship
The Aurora is one of thirty eight Lantean warships built during the war against the Wraith. Colonel Sheppard and his team travel to Taranis where they discover a civilization that may be wiped out by a super volcano. The heavily crippled Orion is used to escape the planet, where it is then destroyed while attempting to stop two Wraith hive ships from reaching Earth. It is armed with drone weaponry that can destroy most ships with ease. It also has turrets that run down the length of the ship and shields that can take severe punishment.

Asgard Beliskner
The mothership of the Asgard, Thor once commanded this vessel. The Beliskner can travel between galaxies at great speed, thanks to it's intergalactic hyperdrive. It is equipped with Asgard beaming technology, energy weapons, and strong shields. The entire ship is powered by quad neutrino ion generators, and can hold it's own if outnumbered by older Goa'uld Ha'taks. Like other Asgard ships, it can be operated by a single crew member.

Asgard O'Neill
The epitome of Asgard ship building. O'Neill class ships, named after Jack O'Neill, were specifically designed to battle the replicators. The first O'Neill was sacrificed to save the Asgard, by self destructing after luring Replicator ships into hyperspace where their shields were ineffective.

Asgard Daniel Jackson
Thor commands the newest Asgard Science Vessel, the Daniel Jackson. Much like other Asgard ships, it is equipped with beaming technology, energy weapons, and strong shields. However, these shields are ineffective against Replicator blocks. O'Neill builds the Replicator disruptor aboard this ship, which is used to destroy the Replicators on Orilla.

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