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He is the original clone commando. Because of RC-0001-Nick's exemplary combat skills, he has been promoted to GENERAL OF THE ARMY. RC-0001-Nick has a suit of armor that is much like a Republic Commando suit, fused with Iron man's Mark 2 armor. He is currently stationed on planet Earth in the outer rim sector, gathering intelligence for a future invasion Republic Invasion of the planet. >:)

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The Last thing you will ever likely hear from me.

RC-0001-Nick Blog

I'm posting this because I stumbled upon a copy of an old to-do list from around a year ago where I told myself that I had to log onto hear to tell everyone my story is dead.

Furthermore, after switching to a new laptop without a CD drive I'm not even sure I can play old games like Star Wars FOC. Not that I have time to anyway.

Life for me is now comprised of work and enjoyment with friends, sure I still dabble in some social media but not like I used to. The alliance to restore cannon page brought fond memories (though I dunno Disney didn't screw up Avengers, I'm pretty sure stuff will go well with Episode VII) and honestly I've stopped tracking every mod in here. Except RAW, kinda interested in seeing where it goes.

To those of you I said I'd finish my Star Wars AU story, I'm terribly sorry I never did. I'm sorry I didn't get around to and you know what, I'll keep it on the back burner, maybe 4 years from now (I have some subspecialty work, really interesting neuro stuff/biotechnology) I'll get around to it. No promises but still.

So yeah, lots of stuff has happened since, gosh, 2012 was my last update, and as a result I've dropped off the face of the planet here.

Here's to all of you! The time we had, and fun we had bashing non-canon stuff (even though ironically I was rewriting star wars lol). Thanks for everything Moddb community!

RC-0001-Nick signing off for possibly the last time in a while!

Update on lots of stuff

RC-0001-Nick Blog

Well guess who decided to sign in again?

I have been really busy recently. An intership I picked up has turned into a part-time job that is really stressing me out. Now, I know I am against drinking energy drinks but man, Red Bull really helps pull all-nighters.

Anyway, my life is pretty good when I ignore my lack of sleep. Marriage is fine and thankfully I've gotten over my Uncle's death.

Now, what you all have really been waiting for. (At least I hope)

Star Wars Novel. Guess what? Ch 1 is fully edited and put up on my downloads page. My original story will not be re-posted. Please do recognize though that the original story is really crude. I am embarassed of it. There is a clear disparity between the quality of my original and the new chapter. Nonetheless the new chapter is up there for your enjoyment. (Btw, I did have to post it to several groups for the system to take it...so its also up on ARC, The Galactic Republic and the Rebel Alliance page.)

Moving on, Delta, I am really proud of the direction you've taken the Alliance to Restore Canon. Now I know I've been out but I'm really happy everthing is going well.

As we all know, Disney bought out Lucasfilm. Now if Disney actually sticks to Expanded Universe Canon, I really will have no arguement. My only real arguement then will be the change of actors and the fact that Harrison Ford won't be Han Solo...

So I'm not sure what else is left...I know I've been out. I can't put any deadlines because frankly my real life does take priority and I did forget Moddb existed for a while. Heh, looking at all my old blogs I can tell I wrote most of them back when work wasn't so prevalent in my mind.

I hope all of you have an awesome week and I hope to talk to you guys soon.

May the Force be with you.

Return Of The RC-0001-Nick (Corny eh?)

RC-0001-Nick Blog 2 comments

Well, if you haven't noticed I have been out for a lengthy period of time, its not something to make a big deal out of but I did want to say that I hope to be able to find some time spend here on MODDB.

Long story made short, the abundance of problems that have come up in my life such as, my academic work, an Uncle's death (during Thanksgiving, go figure), marriage problems, etc, has prevented me from getting in touch with the virtual world. While I have been on spradically only to see the number of PMs climb to staggering proportions, I have not done much else and today is the first time in 3 or 4 months that I actually sit down to type up something for MODDB.

In any case, I have not gotten around to my novel (which I'm sure most of you have forgotten) or my Mod work. While it is a shame, I have to say I am the only one to blame. My work efficiency is through the hole. I plan to get to my virtual life full time eventually, but then again that may just be another false promise.

Aside from life issues I'm doing fairly well.

Finally did 62 pushups in a minute. WHOOH!

So yeah. Hope this answers some quetions for those of you who know me. And I hope I am not forgotten.
See ya around during Christmas Break which for me starts Dec 21.

Nicholas ... (I almost typed my last name...) o_O

Update on my life.

RC-0001-Nick Blog 1 comment

Well, I thought I might stop procrastinanting and finally update this thingy.

To start off, NO my story on Star Wars has not died. Because my writing was apparently really good, I have been invited to develop the script/storyline/levels for "Horizon", a game being developed by Wolf Pack Games. Now being a busy married college student, my personal story is hiatus.

If by any chance you are a modeler that is willing to work for free (yes free, this game in non-profit) then go to Shadowdude100's page and pm him to join. He will then question you on your personal background and experience.

Horizon is truly an amazing game and we have some incredible modelers. The game info can be found on the public page, if you search for Horizon under the games tab.

Now, I do have a chapter ready for publish. I will re-publish it (I had accidently deleted it and was unble to un-delete it) on the Alliance to Restore Cannon site (its undergoing renovations) within 2 weeks.

That's all for now, OH YEAH! Soon I will publish a few pics about my lego creations. I know Delta289 has been dieing to see them, but first I have to travel back down to Florida to get pictures of them. Though maybe my younger brother can take pictures of them and send them to me...hmm...

RC-0001-Nick Signing off!

New Chapter!

RC-0001-Nick Blog

Okay so the new chapter of my story is out, and I don't feel like posting it here now, so go onto the Anti-clone war group which is linked on this page, and look for the article on CHAPTER 1 THE BEGINNING!

The new chapter is waiting approval so hang in there...Though if you're the leader of the group that the article is linked to, then you get a front row seat and early access to the story!


New Story Coming!!!

RC-0001-Nick Blog 1 comment

Okay...so...A while back I posted a fan-made story on my profile here on Moddb. It was widely popular and was part of the reason I gained popularity as quickly as I did. I have been quiet for several weeks since then and I took down the original story to prevent its speard. You may be asking already: "What I wanna read it!" Trust me its a good story but I have decided to extend to several chapters, and the original story became in conflict with the newer chapters.

Now before you go insane and wild over this, you must understand that it is a work in progress and IS NOT CANON...somebody told me my story was stupid because it was not entirely canon. Regardless I will be posting the first chapter on the Anti-Clone War group and on my personal page hopefully by January 15 2011 or at the latest January 22 2011.

Some people are anxious and will give me praise for my story...others will flame it. I hope you all do like it, and I must say that the one thing that will bring it down is that for one...the CIS is completely changed (they use the same droids and weaponary but their leaders changed) and that it borrows heavily from other movies and other video games...etc. But hey, its a good story and it'll help procrastinate your homework.

For now that's all.

Story is Delayed until Jan 10 or later.

RC-0001-Nick Blog 4 comments

DAMMIT! I just posted somewhere...oh on this page...that my new story would be up today...that will not happen...My dad is a bit unorthodox. So he asked for the computer for a bit. (He's spending New Year's at my house) so I gave it to him, 2 minutes later he calls me over and said he found a file called Clone Wars (title of my new story) He said he read it and was surprised by the violence it had and that it was trash and that he...wait for it...DELETED IT!!! I AM SO FUCKED UP!!! I TRIED TO RECOVER IT BUT COULDN'T. Yes I tried every conceivable way and no I could not recover it. I understand why he deleted it...It was EXTREMELY GORY...and Vulgar...and it had quite a few sex jokes...um here was a bit of it that I remember typing...

Sev opened up the box that Delta Squad received. Inside he found several holomagazines. "What are these?" Sev thought aloud. Scorch, who happened to walk by right then said, "Oh Sev, um, those are mine!" Sev was curious and took one holomagzine before Scorch could get it. When he opened it, it said Twilek Exotic and had a Twilek in a seductive pose. Sev just glared at Scorch and said. "So that's why you spend so much time in the freshers" (bathroom in starwars).

Ok so it was sick, I admit, still he should have asked before he delted it! Now I have to start all over again so expect a new shortened story January 10th or later...I sorry for the inconvinience.

Oh yeah...I'll try and say this with enthusiasm. "Have a Happy New Year!"


RC-0001-Nick Blog 1 comment

UHH...Falling behind in deadlines.

Ok, onto a start, the story character deadlines are over! No entries beside 2 were received so the charcters are shut down. Also, the story will be posted on the 26th and NOT the 25th, I got a life, family, presents to open...etc. The story is coming along well, so right now, its about two hours worth of reading...yeah...anyways the damn thing is so long I'm dividing it into several chapters...MODDB won't let me post all at one time.

In other news, the math vid did well so show it too your math teacher when school starts on Jan 10, (I got off the 22nd, that might not be the case with everyone). I hope everyone has enjoyed the new Anti clone war group.

RAW is set to come out soon, I am ANXIOUS FOR RAW ARRGH!!!! ;fja;sdlfjka;sodfjk:LKASFJL:KASDJF:LASDJDF:LKJSDF:SKJDF:LKJSDLFKJLKSAJDF:Ljs...................................................um sorry for spassing out...got a bit excited there...


Sorry for being offline so much. Internet has been unrelieable lately. Happy to say that the Anti clone war group is on THE POPULAR GROUP LIST!!! HURRY AND JOIN IT!!! I will be adveritsing our group on other sites, such as the RAW main blog, (hope no one flames me for it) but I will advertise.

See ya around!

Thanks to members

RC-0001-Nick Blog 2 comments

About a week ago I sent out my first story out to other members here on MODDB to read. The success that it brought has encouraged me to write more stories to publish here for people online that I have never seen, that could be child predators, that could be rapists, or could be sex offenders, to READ!!! That doesn't happen every day lemme tell ya! So aside from highly offensive jokes, I want to say that I was shocked to see the good reputation this story had as many people, namely: mrl515, and Anazel666, actually advertised this story and told others to read it! I have to thank them for that.

Onto other news, I am in need for some custom characters to be designed. I could design them myself but I want involve others in my work as well as save time.

Character #1 was a droid that is highly intelligent and has independent thinking capabilities. This character has been given to mrl515 to design.

Character #2 would be a character that believes he can take control of the rogue planet computers.
This one is up for grabs.

Character #3 an ARC. Up for grabs but whom ever wants to take it must create this guy's character. Take note, this ARC will be Fordo's right hand man.

Character #4 Another ARC who absolutely despises Ashoka. Create his character. Up for grabs.

Character #5 Another droid. This one's a light unit, so no Iron man/managuard/Terminator combos.

Well if you do take up any of these characters, post which character you're claiming. If you do claim one, your description on him/her (one of the ARCs could be a female, wait no strike that) must tell what they are like and MUST include a name.


I have not read any opinion on the humor level of my posts. I want to know, am I overdoing vulgar jokes or overdoing humor in general? Tell me about you think.

ALSO I ENCOURAGE ALL MEMBERS TO JOIN THE ANTI 2008 CLONE WARS SERIES. Delta 289 is the president and I am vice president. The group is awaiting authorization but is nonetheless up and running.


RC-0001-Nick Blog


If you read the subject bar, your probably bouncing for joy at the mention of a new story (or at least I hope you're interested in a new story). This story is about Star Wars and will cover a wider range of characters including but not limited to: Gunship fighter wings, ARC squads, Delta Squad, and the Droids point of view. The story will take place in the same alternate universe that my previous story took place in, though it will take place earlier in the war. I don't want to reveal too much but I am featuring a questions and answer section. So without further adieu, onto to fan questions!!!

Q: Why are you writing this sequel?
A: Actually I wrote the first story with the intention of never making a sequel. I gave it to one of my friends at school for him to read and he told me it was BADASS. I didn't really believe him until I gave it to some people here at MODDB and was told it was awesome. The good response that this story got has encouraged me to write a sequel to my story (technically its a prequel as its very hard to come up with a sequel when the galaxy has been torn apart by Excalibur). :)

Q: So will Delta Squad be the main focus of this story too?
A: No, though Delta Squad will be a main character group in this story I don't want to make them the MAIN focus as I feel it would get repetitive over time.

Q: Will Ashoka die here?
A: No, she dies in my previous story, though I will injure her on purpose and I will make her injury be because of friendly fire. *insert evil laugh here*

Q: Why don't you kill her?
A: *sigh* Did I not explain this is a prequel to my other story. If I kill her off now, then she won't die at the hands of Delta Squad later on. (sheesh)

Q: Will this story be more epic than your last?
A: I sure hope its more epic than my last. But the fan response will tell me for sure if it is better or not.

Q: So...um...can I have sex with you?

Q: Back to serious questions, why are you delaying the publish date to Christmas day?
A: First I have to write the story then edit it. In addition, I have final exams coming up, and as each counts 50% of my semster grade, I need to spend time studing. Also, more than likely I will not publish Christmas day, instead I'll publish at the lastest on December 30th the same date that RAW is set to come out at the latest.

Q: Can I have a cookie?
A: Go ask your mom for one, btw how this question get on here?

Q: Can we have a preview of your story?
A: ...Fine, I didn't want to do this but okay...

A naval clone officer walked over to the center hologram in the center of the briefing room. There were about 30 pilots in the room, 24 who were rookies fresh from the academy, the other six were seasoned veteans. The officer pressed a button on the hologram and a blue image flashed up before the pilots.

"Alright pilots today you have the wonderful task of delivering two heavily armed battalions from this ship to Jambiin's surface," the officer said as he pointed at the Venator in orbit and then down to the LZ. "As you know we evacuated Jambiin's political leaders after their main computer turned on them, you will be flying in from this Venator and will proceed on bearing 360, vector 135, at nautical speeds close to 600 kph. Understood? The weather is somewhat turbulent but you pilots can do this right?" "SIR YES SIR!" was the response of the eager young group of LAAT/i gunship pilots.

Gaberiel wasn't too sure about the route they were taking. He nudged his copilot. "Hey Mav, what do you think about this? I know I can fly this blindfolded, but those rookies in front have little chance of surviving in those winds. Why the hell are we sending these guys to fly such a difficult flight path?" Maverick turned to his trusted comrade, looked him in the eyes and said, "You should know the answer, this is the fifth planetary computer in the galaxy that goes rouge, we have so far had 2 years of consecutive war. Never before have we faced such stiff opposition. But because this planet has so few AA defenses command believes it to be much safer than other planets for rookies to fly on." "You're probably right Mav, still command expects too much from their rookies" answered Gaberiel.

"Dismissed!" said the officer. Gaberiel looked up surprised, he missed the briefing? That was a first for him. He looked to his left and saw Sicko (same crazy pilot in Republic commando book series) asleep in his copilot's lap. Gabe looked at Iceman's (Sicko's copilot) face, but found him asleep too. Well, at least he wasn't the only one. As Gabe got up and out of his seat the officer said, "You six stay right there." Uh-oh. Something was wrong. He had never been called to stay behind after a briefing before.

Maverick motioned him to stand up and wake Sicko and Iceman. Delta 42 was already standing up with his copilot Delta 43. (Yes, Delta 42 kept his unit number as his name and is the same pilot that was in Republic commando). Gabe was going to wake Sicko and Iceman when the officer said "Don't do anything to them I'll be right back." With that he left the room and returned with a bucket of ice cold water. Delta 42's eyes went wide when he saw the ice bucket and even Maverick was having trouble not grinning. The officer walked up to the two sleeping pilots and said softly "hey guys, care to wake up?" When they didn't wake up he shouted "YO, PILOTS WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!" and with that he poured the bucket onto them.

Sicko rolled off his copilot's lap and onto the floor. Iceman though, screamed and as he stood up, tripped over Sicko's body and slammed face first into the ground. Everyone burst into laughing with the obvious exception Sicko and Iceman. "HEY THAT'S NOT FUNNY!" whined Iceman as he got up. Sicko on the other hand got up and lunged at the officer. It took Delta 43, Gaberiel, and Mav to hold him back. "LET ME AT HIM, I'M GONNA MURDER THAT BASTARD!!!" "You'll have your chance later," coaxed Delta 43, "just calm down." "That'll teach you to never fall asleep during my briefings!" said the officer. "In any case, listen up because you pilots will not be flying the same path as those rookies." The room settled down and everyone got serious.

"Delta 42 and 43, you will be inseting Delta Squad into this canyon to take out a main generator that powers the computer, beware, in the canyon you will have only 2 centimeters of clearance on all sides of your gunship. You are dismissed, go to your ship." Delta 42's face went pale but he managed to croak a weak "yes sir".

"Sicko, because we can't trust you with a regular gunship, you and your copilot will be flying two LAAT/c carrier aircraft with AT-TEs down to this area" the officer motioned at an LZ that was right smack dab in the middle of the only AA field on the planet. "I expect you to avoid the AA effectively." Sicko gawked at the officer and Gabe half expected him to say it was a sucide flight, but instead Sicko said, "YOU MEAN TO TELL ME I HAVE BEEN REDUCED TO FLY CARGO MISSIONS, FUCK COMMAND!" With that, he stood up and yanked Iceman by the collar of his suit and stormed out of the room.

The officer grinned at Sicko's anger but then turned to Gabe and Maverick. "You two have a special task. You will be deploying an ARC squad here at this LZ to destroy the alternate power generator for this rouge computer. The thing is, you were chosen for this mission not by command, but by personal request from the ARC squad. Command was actually going to give this mission to another group of pilots but the captain of this ARC team insisted his pilots be you and Mav." "Um...may I know the name of this ARC captain?" Gabe asked. "Yes," replied the officer, "his name is Captain Fordo."

Gabe could hardly contain his excitement. He was jumping up and down as him and Mav walked down the long chain of hangars in the Venators bay. He was going to be flying Captain Fordo, aka Captain Overkill, into a tricky maze of rocks in a canyon. "Man, does he trust me that much? I don't even know this legend at all!" Gabe said to Maverick. Maverick just rolled his eyes and said, "will you calm down please? All that we will do is just deploy him and then leave, that's it, nothing else, so GET OVER IT!" Gabe just glared at Mav. As he walked to his customized rancor painted gunship, he noticed several blue leiutenant troopers standing around it with one red captain. Immediately he rushed to his gunship and saluted at red captain. The captain simply smiled at him and said, "Well I'm glad you'll be flying us to our target, based on what they've told you, what's our ETA?" Gaberiel answered, "Sir, our ETA is approximately 35 minutes. I'll be ready to provide backup at any time you wish sir." "Good to know pilot, by the way, drop that sir yes sir crap, okay, I'm not the goddamn chancellor." answered the captain. (A cookie to whom ever can guess where that came from.) "Fine" answered Gabe, "whenever you're ready." The captain opened his mouth when the loudspeaker came on. "ATTENTION ALL GUNSHIP CREWS, TWO MINUTES TO LAUCH, I SAY AGAIN TWO MINUTES TO LAUCH." The captain then said, "Well then, show me what you're capable of."

Gabe boarded his gunship and ran final preflight checks. When that was done he waited for the signal to take off. He felt his ship rock back and forth as the ARCs boarded. As soon as they got on, Gaberiel hit a button on his dashboard to close the doors. He heard several gunships take off and soon saw around 12 white, standard gunships take off and fly out of the Venator's main hanagar. Gabe could safely assume those were the rookies taking off. Then Gabe saw a single gunship with a DC-17 emblem take off, Gabe thought that might be Delta 42. Finally two LAAT/c took off with AT-TEs. Gabe anxiously waited for the hangar light to turn from a red to green. After what seemed like hours, the light turned green and Gaberiel roared out of the hangar, made a sharp left turn, and then blasted into space.

As he rendezvoused with the other gunships, he heard Sicko on the radio, "Sheesh, they just had to depromote me from LAAT/i!!! They think I'm not capable!!! Well, I'll show them!!! Come on Iceman!!!" Both of the LAAT/c gunships roared down to the planet in a near vertical angle. Gaberiel just gawked at Sicko's flying style. Before the gunships went out of range of the comlinks, Gaberiel heard an AT-TE driver say "Oh God, I'm gonna hurl!!!" Maverick just replied, "hang in there, you haven't seen anything yet." The group of gunships then split up as they entered the atmosphere. The winds were stronger than what Gaberiel had anticipated as he fought to retain control over the gunship. "This is Captain Fordo, pilot, I'm reading wind speeds of over 100 kph, yet I feel no turbulence, you got hands of gold?" "You give me too much credit Captain." Gaberiel said between clenched teeth, "I'm not that good."

Twenty-five minutes into the flight, and Gaberiel was flying through a canyon en route to the LZ. The wind strength was magnified in here as the high wind speeds were forced through the small canyon walls. "You think Delta 42 is having trouble, Mav?" asked Gabe. "Did you really ask that Gabe, Delta 42 is in a living hell, he has only 2 frigging centimeters of clearance! We have at least 5 to 6 meters! In these winds, I highly doubt he is still alive." "Wel-" Before Gaberiel could even get the words out of his mouth, he heard a massive explosion that rocketed his ship. "WHAT THE-" Simultaneously, Gabe's controls went limp. Red lights flashed in front of him. "PILOT, what's the problem!" Gabe looked frantically at his diplay and then replied in a worried tone, "CAPTAIN I'VE LOST MY STABALIZERS, I HAVE NO CONTROL, WE ARE GOING DOWN!

Well that was nice preview, kinda long too, but oh well. I know everybody hates me for the cliff hanger but I know that it will keep you guys intrested enough to come back later. But for now, T-T-That's all folks!

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