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Rastrelly @ Lo of the Dark 0.8.5 - Global Overview

"I did not find a way to get arrows consistently, which also made many cards useless. Perhaps allow arrows to be picked up after battles, with a random chance they will be broken?"
This is an AWESOME idea! Thank you. It will be done ASAP ^___^
"A possible bug, but I used the sniper card without having enough mana. It still used an arrow without actually allowing the card to be used due to lack of mana."
This is my mistake. Items are removed from inventory outside actual card casting cycle :( BUUUUGS =(

"Overall I like the direction of the game and would be interested in playing a more polished build later on. "

Thanks a lot =) I hope this game will be at least a tolerable experience when I'll finish it ^^

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Rastrelly @ Lo of the Dark 0.8.5 - Global Overview

Thank you for feedback ^____^ It's extremely valuable and hard to get nowadays =) Especilly thanks to pointing some things I actually missed out while playtesting.
"WASD and arrow keys do not act the same, I can hold and continue to move with WASD, where arrow kays appear to only react on release."
Indeed. I was delaying fix for this issue for a looong time :(
"I consistently wanted to use the mouse to interact with the environment, but space and a small ui button in the top left appeared to be my only options."
I actually am going to make doubleclick to be "activate cell" button, but, again, constantly delaying this fix :(
"The only example I ran into during my play time was using the hammer to destroy the crumbling wall, but I may have missed other examples. "
On the same level you can pick up a rope and use it to swing across a pit. And there are more puzzles built around this later on =) And there will be even more when the game will be closing to final version.
"- Combat felt too random for my tastes, but I should mention I usually do not like TCGs, which I know you mentioned emulating MtG."
I actually agree. I am working on several ways to make combat flow a bit more predictable. Though, even now you can select cards to be used in combat, you can pick an ever-available card after gaining certain perk (Combat Discipline), and, after pumping Speed up you can control flow of cards in your hand much better.
"- I did not figure out a way to regen mana in combat, which is problematic when only getting cards that require mana. This led to my death which felt unfair."
There are 2 ways to make Mana regenerate:
1) It regenerates over time by [0 .. (Intelligence/10)] every turn with increased chance when you skip turn
2) It can be restored using certain cards (they drain health though)
3) There also are perks to increase mana maximum and mana regeneration rate
I was thinking about increasing basic mana regen rate and making it Difficulty sensitive.

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