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Ex-Indie Game Developer as of November 28th 2011; Currently works in Indie Company Advice management, Music Composition and a You-Tube partner. Previously Worked in IT management/Head Director with Darklands Entertainment before it's shutdown and a Beta Tester for TZP(True Zone Projects). Background experience includes, video production, animation, Script in Java, C++, C, and C#, 3-D model design in cooperation with video animation, and Professional communications/Human Resources skills. Teams and devs that I have worked with include but are not limited to; Acroolka Darklands Entertainment PilotofWar True Zone Projects Under multiple disclosure agreements for development teams in which no information have been leaked or given out. I am out for hire under video production, photography, and music composition for any indie development companies that fit the need for such expertise. The channel I own and all information on such can be found on the homepage link presented on my profile


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