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"You have provided plenty of help to Freedom, and this has earned you the respect of Freedom fighters and their friends. But keep in mind that not everyone in the Zone is a Freedom fan."

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- "So, what's this about..."
- "Faction alignment & description"
- "Glossary (for terminology)"
- "Refered sources"

So, what's this about...
A re-edit of an alignment chart, originally made by deviant user spockjedi, with respective alignment of the major factions from Stalker in it's universe. As he said, this can be a good guide to what faction you can join in Clear Sky or as general knowledge.

Here are them, with brief descriptions:

Lawful Good (Path of Integrity - Conformity/Tradition and Benevolence - UNJOINABLE AS A FACTION):
Ecologists - The Ecologists are government-founded researchers operating into the Zone.
The Ecologists focus primarily on research of new energy sources, antigravity, genome modification and teleportation, spearheading revolutionary research by studying and dissecting artifacts and mutants. (In STALKER, of course.)
In S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky, they're stationed in the mobile lab at Yantar, and are just beginning their research on the Psi-Emitter and Psi Protection Device.

Lawful Neutral (Path of Harmony - Security and Conformity/Tradition):
Duty - The Duty are a paramilitary clan of stalkers operating in the Zone with members living according to a code.
They, along with Freedom, are also one of the most powerful stalker clans in the Zone.
They are openly cooperating with the Ecologists at Yantar, transferring all recovered artifacts to them; so that the Zone can be better understood.

Lawful Evil (Path of Ascendency - Power and Security - UNJOINABLE AS A FACTION):
The Military - in the game, the military are government troops, who are often referred to simply like that, which are tasked with providing and maintaining security along the borders of the Zone.
By the end of Clear Sky, the Military presence in the Zone is all but eliminated, restricted to monitoring the entrance to the Cordon.
The military will always shoot the player regardless of what faction he's from.

Neutral Good (Path of Mercy - Benevolence and Universalism):
Clear Sky - The Clear Sky faction is an independent scientific/military organization focusing on understanding the Zone and is one of the major S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky factions.
At the end of STALKER CLEAR SKY, the faction remnants disintegrated and became a mere footnote in history.

True Neutral (Path of Equity):
Loners - Not much can be said about the loners, for they represent in-game just ordinary people.
They are neutral to the Freedom, Duty and Ecologist factions. Whilst not a proper faction of their own as per se, killing a Loner will earn the enmity of every other Loner, in-game; since they're a nomadic group, word of mouth is spread and can act directly on the player reputation (of course it's merely a "karma" system where killing one of their "members" earns negative points to the player when dealing directly with them or their allies).
Technically, Loners are the most ubiquitous group of Stalkers in the Zone as they can be found nearly everywhere.
In S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky, the Loners are a full-sized faction, at war with the Bandits because they are tired of being harrassed, robbed, and extorted. The "faction" is joinable.

Neutral Evil (Path of Supremacy - Achievement and Power - STARTING FACTION IN STALKER: CLEAR SKY/UNJOINABLE AS A FACTION):
Mercenaries - The Mercenary faction is a group of private military contractors operating within the Zone, though their exact base of operations is kept highly secret.
It is this bit of mystery that has earned all mercenaries the distrust of most stalkers as they fear that they might get a bullet in the head than a mutual understanding when talking to this faction.
This facition is hostile towards all other factions in the game, being neutral with the bandits in STALKER: SHADOW OF CHERNOBYL.

Chaotic Good (Path of Liberty - Universalism and Self-Direction):
Freedom - The Freedom faction is joinable in Clear Sky after doing a number of quests to them and later on in the game, after the leader, Chekhov, earns the trust of the player.
Their enemies are Duty, Monolith and Military.
They are neutral (mostly) towards the bandits, loners, ecologists and bandits in STALKER SHADOW OF CHERNOBYL.
It's mostly a joke-faction, since it's utility is debatable, even if they give out descent quests and prizes.

Chaotic Neutral (Path of Autonomy - Self-Direction and Stimulation):
Bandits - Bandits are members of the criminal underworld who "organized" themselves as a faction for different reasons; to make money by selling artifacts, hide from the law or to trade in weapons.
The in-game universe is full of Bandits, ranging from common thugs to serious criminals. Although the Zone gangs frequently fight amongst themselves, the criminal element still poses a serious problem for most loners, who are left defenseless when dealing with bandits, since they're "neutral" towards everyone else and no one knows where they stand.
After fending off a mercenary assault and being besieged by the Monolith faction, they are eventually defeated at the end of STALKER CLEAR SKY.

Renegades - In S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Clear Sky, they are a small sub-faction of Bandits at war with the Clear Sky faction. They are not as well-equipped as and are fewer in number than the Bandit faction itself, and are easily dispatched.
The Renegades are a loosely held-together faction of Stalkers encountered in the beginning stages of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.
It is unclear what ties the Renegades have with the Bandits. When one joins the latter faction, they will become neutral with the Renegades, and as such it is unclear what the goal of this faction is.

Chaotic Evil (Path of Luxury - Hedonism):
Monolith - A typical Monolithian is a former stalker brainwashed by psychihc energy in-game, by making them fierce warriors and eroding it's members' humanity.
The Monolith faction is considered to be the most powerful faction by far, easily as numerous as the armies of Duty and Freedom, with advanced technology that not even the Military possesses.
In-game as a whole, they are entirely hostile, the largest group in the Zone with the most advanced equipment. They are "held together" by a common goal, which is the destruction of all life, beauty, order and harmony of the in-game universe.


Freedom propaganda!

Freedom propaganda!

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Hey man, are there any updates about Gothic Total War mod?

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Hi! You`re author of Gothic TW?

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rafmc1989 Creator

Hi Bagatur!

Yes, I'm the co-leader of the GothicTW project. The main team, actually, is Russian like you. But we also have other Italian and German guys with us.

I know your mods too, I already tried some of them for RTW in the past.

For anything, just let me know. I'll be present here to answer... :)

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rafmc1989 Creator

Bagatur... Holy crap, I just noticed that we're in the same modding team for the next project on BfME2 ahaha! Look on our VK community about GothicTW, you'll discover my real identity ahah! :D

Really looking forward to that project, in any case!

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Thanks man! will do!

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Il tuo inglese è da romanzo di Stephen King.

Vuoi che ti aiuti con le traduzioni? Non dal russo all'italiano, che il russo non lo capisco, ma dall'italiano all'inglese, se è possibile.

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rafmc1989 Creator

hey nomad93,

non sapevo fossi italiano... :D

Per la traduzione di GothicTW nn badare troppo al testo, per motivi di tempo feci rapidamente con Google Translate (ciò spiega tutto ahah), solo dove necessario mi occupai di tradurre personalmente... Cmq si mi farebbe piacere se puoi migliorare la qualità del testo inglese, anche un altro ragazzo tedesco mi ha già contattato, quindi potreste spartire il lavoro (molto meglio)... Si chiama Scarletta... Cmq ad entrambi consiglio di iniziare a migliorare la qualità dei testi nn appena rilasciamo la nuova versione. Io son già pronto, però i miei ragazzi del team devono completare le ultime aggiunte (dai dovrebbe essere questione di giorni!).. Ti faccio sapere, cmq si mi daresti una grossa mano con la traduzione (è qualcosa che rimando sempre perché mi risulta noioso lavorarci su ahah)

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Va benissimo.

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rafmc1989 Creator

ok, ti avviso io quando rilasciamo la nuova versione! ;)

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You are the tricky follower (: I got yah
Every once a week or two weeks someone stops following me and then follows me back after a week or few days

I don't mind it but I wonder why you do it and if you will make up your mind

Ci vediamo Rafmc

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rafmc1989 Creator

Hi Anyna,

well actually I do not have a clear idea of this.. I follow all my friends regularly, the same with you.. I guess it must be someone else doing this "coming and going"..

Nothing strange from my part, don't worry! :D

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Hmm , well if is not you then is someone else but who could it be
There cannot be such thing as an invisible follower right ? that doesn't show up in the list
Is just a curiosity anyway , i don't mind it but is sure strange

Awesome ! I hope all things are fine with you and such
Things are sure quiet on the site at a general basis these days but i am still being present and loud , so to speak , beats me until when but we sure need more people

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rafmc1989 Creator

Yep, Anyna..

everything is going well atm, although Real-Life issues keep me very very busy, but I'm fine! :D

And, sure, on ModDB people are never enough. But, hey, with your constant updates you keep them active! ;)

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Ciao e che cosa fai queste giorni rafmc ?

My real life is not much these days because although i am still in summer holiday i could not afford traveling and a vacation someplace this year due of some reasons but i have a big plan of travel for next year in the shortest

I keep active but you would not believe what i receive in turn : only hate , insults and made fun at
That it makes me wonder if i would have done the opposite to harm MOD DB instead , if i would have received : love , compliments and appreciation instead
People are very weird nowadays...and i cannot stop it

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rafmc1989 Creator

Oops Anyna, always late in answering!! sorry... :D

well, a bit on vacation now, and a bit doing modding activities in some game-projects.

And the hatred, nah, nevermind for that!!
Posting stuff and being active is good indeed, just do not pay attention that much to things! ;)

Reply Good karma+2 votes

No problem because i could not answer you too soon either

Fun if so . This summer was okay for me too . Did not go on vacation but i had nice fun at home

I'll try to care less about bad things

P.S. : Nice background , it looks so real and creepy :O
He looks like dystopian soldier or a rebel

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