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Hello.. I like to play video games... I love FNaF and a lot of other different games as well (mind you) ... Feel free to send me a friend request :p

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Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location

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Great Game!



Game review may contain spoilers

Great Game!
AMAZING Soundtrack!
Great game I really love it, the fact there are 3 different game modes, ( game modes are optional )
Ya, this games amazing, got some hard bosses and amazing music! This game is LONGER than I thought it would be, though XD

but still, great game


Five Nights at Freddy's 3

Game review may contain spoilers

Wow! Another game!!! This game was REALLY cool!
This game has actually revealed A LOT to the story , and I was confused at some points, and some moments just left me like this -------> :O

At one point, I was looking at the cams, and I saw bb's face, and I was like, WHOA WHOA WHAT THE HELL?
and then I got jumpscared by balloon boy AND I WASNT DEAD! there was an error on the ventilation,
And I thought there was only 1 animatronic, turns out the only REAL one was Springtrap, the others were hallucinations,

when I beat night 5 I expected a 6th night, but there was something different!
- Nightmare ( 6th night )
- Extras

and I never expected an extra menu, there was good stuff in the extras such as
- Animatronics
- Minigames
- Jumpscares
- Cheats!!!! <----- awesome

also when I got the good ending, it was SO sad ;___; I almost cried I thought it was the END of FNaF,

but, in April 24, I looked at scottgames.com,
IT WAS FREDDY! but he all like Nightmare-ish, he had sharp claws and sharp teeth, and 3 OTHER SMALLER VERSIONS OF HIM HANGING OF HIS BODY! and if you brighten it up, it says : Nightmare, so I thought like this was all a nightmare, also it said The Final Chapter 10.31.15 ( Halloween ) so it means there is FNaF4 and FNaF ISNT over...

Five Nights at Freddy's 4 is COMMING ! Prepare your butts!!!


Five Nights at Freddy's 2

Game review may contain spoilers

I don't know what else to say, other than, OMG THIS GAME IS AMAZING!
this game was harder than the first one, because the mechanics were VERY different and somewhat harder, and there is just so many things I need to take care of and there are 11 animatronics in this game ( including the puppet )

And like the other game, there is a 6th night and a custom night, OMG 10/20 mode, I said when I went to custom night and looked at the golden Freddy challenge, I was like: I'm never gonna beat it, omg.

After hours of FnaF2 I FINALLY BEAT 10/20 MODE! I was so happy!!!

AND THEN A FEW WEEKS LATER I went to Scott's website, it said offline but if you brighten it up, there's a number 3!!!!! Omg! and then later there was a picture, of a green, very damaged character, and it said: I'm still here



Five Nights at Freddy's

Game review may contain spoilers

WOW! this is the BEST and the SCARIEST horror game I've ever played in my whole entire life!

This game was REALLY good, I had trouble with night 4 at first, but then I beat it after hours and hours, but then when I beat night 5 I was so happy to finish the game, but y'know what?

I'll be honest, I NEVER expected a 6th night, but right after I beat it, there was a custom night, I actually NEVER expected a custom night, either, but then right as I saw it, I thought to myself:" IM GONNA SET IT TO MAX"
and that's what I did, I GOT KILLLED BY FREDDY IN 28 SECONDS!!!
28, oh my gad,
aaaand, after looking up some strategies, I beat it, I had 3 stars on the menu, I was happy to finish the game, but a few weeks later, I looked up the creator's website, and I saw Freddy Fazbear damaged a little, holding his hat, it said Grand Reopening 2015 and a number 2, I couldn't believe my eyes, Five Nights at Freddy's 2 is coming in 2015, prepare your butts!


Five Nights at Freddy's 4: The Final Chapter

Game review may contain spoilers

WOW! This game is REALLY cool!!! This is a great way to end off the series Scott!!!!
at first, I was kinda confused, 'cause I was a kid, crying, I thought I was the crying child. And then later on in the game, I started discovering some secrets, like for example, Fredbear and friends 1983, the bite of '87/83, and some other GREAT stuff, also at the end of night 7, I see a box, and I can't open it, it says: "perhaps some things are best left forgotten, for now" and that just blew my mind, and when I heard about night 8 ( 20/20/20/20 mode ) I beat it, and i was expecting another ending, but it just returned to the title menu, and this game has provided me good scares, and a good story, I know that all of us have had trouble figuring out the lore.

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