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Hello.. I like to play video games... I love FNaF and a lot of other different games as well (mind you) ... Feel free to send me a friend request :p

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If you remember me, hello, again, its been a year and a half now, sorry for all the inactiveness, i've completely forgotten about this site, and i am not proud of that. im writing this so i can let you know. If you dont know me then it means you are new to this site, and i welcome you.

its hard to believe how much everything has changed, i remember everything. here is a summary

for me, it all started way back in the fnaf4 page, posting random comments and getting replies, most of the time there was a big conversation going on, and every once in a while, a war would start ( whether its fan bases or whatever ) then it would get chill. Then came the FNaF World page, and boy was that great. comments EVERYWHERE, conversations, memes, everywhere, there was also a time where there were strawpolls EVERYWHERE, it was like a joke.. at one point came this douchebag, (iphoneness) and all he did was post gay porn everywhere, it was like a f*cking joke, eventually this guy turned out to be the MLG Bobby, and the asshole got banned, and then were more conversations and everything, and then came this big ass war between the fnaf fan base and the undertale fan base, and holy crap was that ugly, eventually we all got split in two, the undertale people, a group of furries ( god damn, the furries were everywhere, too )and some others went over to the fnaf 4 page again, and the fnaf people and others, stayed in fnaf world. let me tell you, during the course of nearly 4 years, this experience has been amazing, i have so many memories, many good ones, and a few bad ones. I remember creating many groups and blogs, ive written so many blogs saying thank you for everything, i was really well known, until EVENTUALLY....i started forgetting, the worst thing that happened to me in this site, i eventually started forgetting, the lack of activity, the loss of interest in fnaf, so i wrote a blog, saying about how fnaf isnt dead yet and other stuff, ( its still up, you can check it out ), and i was still hanging on for about several, numerous months, until eventually, i started forgetting, little by little, mostly because the people closest to me, BigHawkLol, TheLurkingShadow, ThatBlueGuy, Furiosity, JacksonMarczyk, ThatJakeGuy, ThatOneCoolGuy24, TheDestructor94, JaydenSan, and Curiosity, ( yeah, remember THOSE guys? ) yeah, well, most of them are banned for like.. NO REASON, and i got pretty mad, and thats what started drifting me off this site until eventually i forgot everything. which was pretty sad, really, i had such a great time in here...

ill never forget those days...


Potato999 Blog

hello, why are you here...

are you still here? dont you have anything better to do?

why are you still here?


i made this cause i dont blog anymore like i used to.


This is just a theory, i could be wrong, i could be correct, just pls, don't hate me because you don't agree or anything...


If your one of those people who doesn't read long paragraphs like this one or if you hate reading long ass theories like this one, DO NOT READ THIS, IT MIGHT KILL YOU


My Theory:

i have a theory, i could be wrong, i could be right, but i think this game will take place on a TEST facility, somewhere in the future, take a look at the place, in the second room, you have 2 big windows, a giant ''keyboard' thing with a lot of buttons and screens just going crazy, and some coloured lights at the ceiling, i mean think about it, beyond the windows might be where you run some tests on the animatronics, which explains why the 'voice' at the end says: ''you don't know what we've been through''; you see these animatronics have been though some experiments, which can explain why their faces open, and also another piece of evidence that this is a test facility is that this place is located deep below ground, i mean like the only reason people even BOTHER to build a facility underground is if the place is some sort of test facility. ALSO!!! THESE ANIMATRONICS COULD HAVE BEEN IN A LOCATION BEFORE BEING IN THIS 'TEST FACILITY', MAYBE IN THE LOCATION THEY WERE IN BEFORE, SOMETHING TERRIBLE HAPPENED IN THAT LOCATION AND THATS THE REASON WHY THESE ANIMATRONICS WERE BROUGHT TO THE TEST FACILITY IN THE FIRST PLACE, AND WHEN IT SAID '''you don't what we've been through'' IT COULD MEAN THEY'VE BEEN THROUGH SOME EXPERIMENTS AND THEY'VE BEEN THROUGH THAT TERRIBLE ACCIDENT IN THAT OTHER LOCATION! also, the reason they're faces open is because of an experiment they did on them? y'know, kind of like a FAILED experiment? because if these animatronics are meant to be for KIDS, then having they're faces open is just not okay for kids, WELP, thats just MY theory, this could be correct, this could be wrong, maybe i explained this theory not so good, but you get my idea, and you could extended this idea, this is what I think, what do YOU guys think?
also i COULD extended this theory, but for now, I'm still researching, like researching the games and the trailer. :)
thats my theory.

Do You Agree? Strawpoll.me

there was once a guy, yes, THAT guy, that guy..he was that guy...

and that one guy, he didn't live his life correctly..he was supposed to live like this: Indiedb.com

...very sad, he lived but didn't live, he was but not was...

lol, I'm surprised you've read THIS far down...

and thats how THAT guy, didn't live correctly...


the music is nothingggg

special thanks to Virtual Bill and Imthepurpleguy for telling me how to do this! :)

thanks guys.


1. copy this code: The Code Is In The Comment Section Of This Blog -Potato999

2. make a new blog.

3. go to where it says: 'Insert/edit video'

4. paste the code.

5. in the code, replace [Youtube video number] NOTE: do not replace these '[ ]'

5.5: replace [youtube video number] with a link to a video of your choice for example: Youtube.com

6. click done, and then a big line should appear, then click save blog and the music of the video you chose would PLAY!

Your Welcome

listen, a LOT of people think FNaF is dead and the FNaF World page is also dead bla bla bla, but I'll tell you these things:

1. THE FNaF World page is NOT dead, as long as I'm here and as well as others in the FNaF World page, it's not dead, people think it's dead because no ones there leaving comments as usual , but you just have to look a again, people are EVERYWHERE! no matter where you go, people will always be there, people say the page is empty and the old people like BigHawkLol, TheLurkingShadow, ThatBlueGuy, Furiosity, JacksonMarczyk, ThatJakeGuy, ThatOneCoolGuy24, TheDestructor94 and Me are gone, but their NOT gone, everyone is still here, you just BELIEVE no ones here, but in reality there are tons of people here and there, everywhere :)

2. Five Nights at Freddy's is NOT dead, people everywhere are still making fan games and fan art and everything, plus, Scott still isn't done making games, he's still got update 2 in the works and the 2nd FNaF Book, and the other project no ones knows about, they are gonna happen, you just have to be patient and not let go of what you had. FNaF came to life 2 years ago, think about the golden times before FNaF3 the hype, the waiting it's like update 2 the hype and the waiting, and the teasers and all, but, look! Scott said he was gonna keep making games! FNaF and its golden times are not dead, you can ALWAYS relive those feeling you had in the golden times! :)

NOTE: The Nightmare was created Potato999, if you find anything rushed or confusing, I'm sorry, I'm NOT a professional writer but I am pretty good at it, so don't hate me for that, I wanted to write this story cause I wanted to give you guys something to read or some sh*t like that, ENJOY!!


The Nightmare: Chapter 1: The Awakening

It was a cold stormy night, I lay in bed thinking about life and death, until my mom walks in, sits next to me and asks me what's wrong, I've been a drowsy mood since last Sunday, my mom asks me:"Alfred, what's wrong?" "nothing...I'm just, confused" I said while looking at the big, gray poster behind her, "why are you confused?" mom said: "...what does this poster mean?" I said looking at the poster, the poster was a big, gray poster with a man standing next to a tree, my mom sighed and said it was something I'd understand later..."goodnight, Alfred" she said, leaving the room, I was confused why mom said I'd understand what it meant...later, I stared at the painting in big detail, but I still couldn't understand what it meant, I turned off the lights, when I got back in bed, I felt something was here... I quickly turned on the lights and I saw a shadowy figure standing outside the window, I got so freaked out I ran to my mom's room, and told her what I saw, she thought I was going mad, the truth is I've always been scared of the dark, and what lurks "inside it"... Mom looked out the window, I was 4 feet away from her because I was scared, mom kept on looking outside for 30 seconds until she screamed...I got so scared I screamed at her:"WHAT IS IT, MOM?" she runs back, and tells me: "Alfred, your going to bed RIGHT NOW! and whatever happens...STAY IN BED, do NOT MOVE! BIZARRE THINGS MAY HAPPEN! BE STRONG AND BE CAREFUL!!" she runs out of the room and I could hear her talking on the phone, seconds after, I left the lights on and went to bed, I prayed to God that everything will be okay...I went to sleep, I woke up...but...I couldn't move... I was paralyzed and the shadow figure I saw earlier was standing in front of me I was so scared I wanted to scream, but I couldn't, smoke came out of my mouth every time i tried to scream, the figure walked closer to me in the most paranormal way, almost like ¥_+|'Æ, when he was walking towards me, he was talking. But not, like we do.... He sounded like he was saying somewhat letters in a deep dark distorted voice, I could hear the letters: H, L, P, M, D, G, T, R... It was creepy, suddenly, I could move again, I tried to run, but he caught me with arms coming out of his back, he said:" YO£¥UR COMM>\¿ING WITH ME" I screamed, no one heard me, he put his hand above me and sprayed green gas that made me faint... I woke up in a dungeon or something a year later or so it feels... I walked around a little until I saw something... I couldn't believe me EYES when I saw it... It came closer... And...


well everyone that was chapter 1 of the nightmare, if you enjoyed this and you want more please let me know in the comments or send me a message. :)

By: Potato999


Potato999 Blog 5 comments

I'm not doing anything at the moment, so if you could just go away and come back, I would appreciate that.

also I'm not here, Byeee

why haven't you commented on half life 3 yet?

why are you here?

why haven't you commented?



Potato999 Blog

k, soooo, apparently, there's an update 2 coming out, it adds in:

-Jack 'O' Bonnie

-Jack 'O' Chica

-Scott Cawthon


-Nightmare BB


-Coffee Machine

-Purple Guy

...mmmm, nothing to get hyped for :)

*weeks later*

*update2 comes out ( what everyone will be talking about, no doubt )*


Check This Out -----> Indiedb.com

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Potato999 Blog 1 comment

Hello, give me ideas of what I should do on this damn profile...

BECAUSE, I have nothing else to say I just wanted to throw that in there, BECAUSE I was bored :))))))

lel you've read this far down.... Y'know why? Cause u lov bein' here ŁØŁ

help me.

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