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Cry of Fear

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-nice atmosphere

-the graphics are almost as good as Half-Life 2 and the effects were amazing.

-As much as I like Afraid of Monsters along with its much improved directors cut, I always felt like the scariness kind of faded after the hospital. This issue was also present in the Directors cut. Cry of fear however managed to keep its scariness intact throughout the mod. And believe me this mod gets ******* scary in parts. Some of the monsters in this mod looked so creepy that I was relieved when I would get surprised by less scary zombie like monsters. I was always on edge when wandering dark hallways.

-The voice acting was actually decent which is a rare case in most mods. However there were parts where it fell kind of flat, but it didn't make me cringe like other mods have done in the past.

-the story was good even though it wasn't entirely original

-the inventory system was neat, though I must admit it did get frustrating at some points. But on the other hand its realistic, you can't just hide a bunch of items up your ***.

This is definitely one of the best half-life mods I have played yet. There have only been a few games besides this that have had me so creeped out and on edge; those games are Silent Hill, Doom 3, and a few parts in Amnesia. Cry of Fear was a fun and scary mod to play through and I highly recommend it.

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