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Version 1.4 and Brickout for SGS

pixelwhipped Blog

Version 1.4 is just about ready going though submission phase shortly.

In this version I have improved sound various other tweaks added user definable Functions and Brickout

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Enjoy :-)


pixelwhipped Blog

Super Game System is getting some more attention. Other than some optimization in basic interpreter and the IDE which are quite substantial some minor little UI tweaks have been added to make it just that little bit smoother.

I've done some more tutorials and though I would like to have fun making another game I don't think I will have time, but we will see. The reason for that is I need to really put some more functions in, especially for strings to help anyone wanting to create some Text Adventure games. Additionally I will look at arrays and see if there is anything I can add there.

There's lots I want to add but the next big thing will probably be more work around sound, so hopefully that will be cool, it doubt it will be in the next release but it's defiantly something I want to do, considering sound plays such a bug part in games.

Other things I'm toying with is being able to set the resolution and altering "Glyph Art" to be an actual Image editor(pixel).

I have delved into adding games to Steam(due to requests) but as I expected it's not overly pleasant... First the cost which is something I don't have to worry about on the Windows Store and the purpose of distributing the games are already covered. To make things even more awkward I can't even get the Steam Dev Stuff without paying first so have no idea what I will have to do to make it all work. I'm not worried about the commissions Steam or MS take that's a given and fair enough, but I'm not going out of my way to support Steam if they can't figure out a model to get their cut from commissions alone and it's also has to be simple and easy. Not a definite not happening, just a not right now + I'm loving the IndiDB right now so don't really want another medium to spend time on.

Super Game System

pixelwhipped Blog

Version 1.2 going through Certification now and the price has been lowered.

You can get in now or wait a few days as I'm running a Giveaway in a few days.


Not distracted I swear

pixelwhipped Blog

Ok, well still working on snake but other than optimizing code because my PC is slow as heck, I'm also working on little things I notice along the way. So to help with logic and control flow I have put in a new key command F8 in the editor to auto indent code. Makes it a lot easier to follow your logic, yes this is still snake so no too far side tracked.

Auto Indent

SGS now in TechnoColor

pixelwhipped Blog

Well last update for SGS was going to be a minor update but like always I went overkill, Minor improvements out the door full syntax coloring in for the Super Game System Basic.


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