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Realism is the name of the game. If you know a mod or game that is realistic/hardcore/simulator then please tell me about it. Im talking about Blitzkrieg/Normandy44/Battle of the Bulge(CoH), Project Reality/Forgotten Hope 2 (BF2),Operation Flashpoint Cold War Crisis, ARMA I/II, Il-2 Sturmovik 1946, German Soldiers/Brothers Of War/Price of Terrorism/Commanders of War II/Realism Mod (MoW), Modern Warfare 2 (Wic),Age of Chivalry: Hegemony (AoE2), you get the idea.

Games and or mods that are 'vanilla' are not worth wasting your time on.

Thats my take on life, anyways xD

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Add me on Steam @ ravenrock101 screen name is F*ing Franz. Love Blitzkrieg and Battle of the Bulge mods, would definitely play.

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from a former chally 2 tank commander, your ideas on chally v leopard are to put it simply rubbish, your bases of chally being designed to fight in built up area is a load of arse, she was designed to destroy enemy Tanks, full stop, the cannon is the most destructive out there, and she can fire APFSDS,and check your facts before you post, if you want i will PM you my private e-mail and we can discuss your lack of knowledge on Tanks, i served with 3 RTR & 2 RTR for over 22 years, so if you want to be put straight, post a reply and we can sort your obvious lack of insight and know how etc.
I grant you Leopard is fast, but her gun hits with alot less power than Chally 2 does, I would happily sit in my chally 2 and let a Leopard 2 fire at me from 1200, knowing that yes, i would have a hell of a head ache, but i would be alive, my return round would simple destroy the Leopard.also, chally 2 has more simple redundant fire systems to fall back on when the fancy stuff fails, which is not to often, look at the specs, chlly 2 is the T-rex of modern tanks, Abrams, good, but not good enough, Leopard good, but again not good enough, dont even start with the T-80/90 series, as they are again, of limited power compared to Chally 2. people like you should check, then recheck your facts before you gob off, you never know who is reading these threads

Regards Proff non moddb account holder.

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P3ACE753 Creator

Umm, what does "Regards Proff non moddb account holder." mean? How did you serve for 22years when your profile says you are 20year old? You must be at least 40years old and somehow care about what some dude wrote on the internet or a 15year old guy who has nothing better to do than troll about.

But all that aside, the Abrams and Leopard are the result of the Joint US-German tank design MBT-70 (as Im sure you already know). They use the same gun; The Leopard is lighter and faster and The Abrams is heavier and more protected. They where designed to fight against the horde of Soviet T-62 tanks that would come if the Soviets invaded Western Europe.

The Leopard 2 uses a Rheinmetall 120 mm smoothbore gun L55 firing APFSDS-T specially designed to kill Heavy Tanks at ranges of +2km.

The Challenger 2 uses a 120 millimetres 55 calibre long L30A1 that is rifled and mainly fires HESH round that are designed to kill Soft-Skin Vehicles and Buildings at ranges up to 8km.

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It is simple, this is now Proff,I am 41, I was a 22 year member of the British army, served in the Royal armoured corps. I joined in 1988 and served in the Royal tank Regiment, also I served in other units. But Chally 2 IS designed to fire APFSDS.it is one of its main rounds you bloody idiot, why design a MBT that does not fire APFSDS, please, if you are gonna gob off, get your facts right, people like you really should be beaten at any, and every opportunity as you have no idea what you are saying, I spent a lot of time in BATUS on Tanks (thats in Canada by the way) so please do not try to tell me that Chally 2 can not fire APFSDS, all this info is open source, so am a bit surprised no one has pulled you up before, check your info, and get it right. Also, if you still think it does not, get in touch with the gunnery gods down at Lulworth in Dorset, and I am sure they will put you straight, here is a link for the ammo types fired by Chally 2

Operational Natures -

1. Armour Piercing Fin-Stabilised Discarding Sabot (APFSDS for short) is the L27 CHARM3 and has a DU tip to avoid "mushrooming" on contact with the enemy armour. Tankies call this round "FIN". The L14 propellant system is based on a rigid Combustible Case Charges (CCC for short) and loaded after the FIN.

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P3ACE753 Creator

1) I did NOT say that the Challenger 2 can not fire APFSDS rounds...where did I say that? can you show me please?
2) I know what a APFSDS round is and how it works.
3) Just because you are a former Challenger 2 commander does not make you an authority on tanks, and I think you are slightly biased towards it because you served in one.

4) "Challenger 2 is equipped with an L30, 120mm rifled tank gun from BAE Systems Land Systems (formerly RO Defence). In January 2004, Land Systems was awarded a contract to develop a new smoothbore 120mm gun for the British Army Challenger tanks. Under the contract, a Challenger 2 has been armed with the Rheinmetall L55 smoothbore gun, as fitted on the Leopard 2A6 tank, and began firing trials in January 2006." Army-technology.com

"Static firing trials have been conducted against a wide range of targets firing the Rheinmetall 120 mm DM53 APFSDS projectile with a conventional penetrator. These trials are understood to have shown that the DM53 gives enhanced performance over the current 120 mm CHallenger ARMament (CHARM) 3 DU round."

"A few years ago, the Hellenic Army organized a contest to test all modern MBTs in order to purchase the best one of them. The tanks were put into action under very demanding conditions in a large area near Litohoro, Macedonia and the tests included (among many others) movement, maneuvering, obstacle passing, trench crossing and of course, firinig ability.
The ranking was as follows: 1. Leopard 2 A6 (Germany), 2. M1 A2 Abrams (USA), 3. Leclerc (France), 4. Challenger 2 (UK), 5. T-84 (Ukraine) and 6. T-80 U (Russia)."

Have I made my point yet? Leopard 2 is better than the Challenger 2.
And none is buying the current Challenger 2, they all want Leopards.

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even that im not a tank fan but you are right and i am an algerian airforce pilot on the su-30mka and they told me that in 2015 i will have an t50 pak fa

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im 101para and correct im 20 proff is my mate on steam who is 40.

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Just got off the phone from Proff he will be making a moddb account.

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silly britons u jelly of of the germans? don't worry america will protect you once more if the time comes again

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If not for British resistance, the war may have been lost.
The Challenger 2 is likely the best tank in the world and has never sustained a combat loss.

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