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Hello everybody, I am currently developing(in my free time) a game called atm Project XenoWorld.
Feel free to ask me stuff about the game.

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For my first tech build, I want to atleast have;
Hiroki and Emiko in-game, but they dont have;
Supportive mode, Elemental ability and Ultimate attacks due to be low priority.
Also the animation will be very basic.

A basic UI so people can navigate easy and a very simple HUD

I try to have all the mechanics that are HUD-Related (like the health bar and stamina bar) to be fully implemented.

Simple AI

2 player functionality (maybe 4)

Able to swim (no sfx tho)

Almost complete Island (Arcena)

3 NPC's (shopkeeper, female wanderer and male wanderer). The same shopkeeper will be literally everywhere where you need to do something with money or register. Why? Because i can then work on the functionality and later draw and model unique NPC's for every Store/Registration place.

Simple quests.


Health bar, Stamina bar and energy bar.

Some of my favorite game music as placeholders. However, the music you hear is also the reference of what the real soundtrack will be.

Some artwork here and there for dialogue (no voice) and TeleSwap.

Tech demo will be released in dec 2016 or Q12017

Thank you for reading this update of the development of Project XenoWorld

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