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Zachariah Wanna Part on Stargate Atlantis!

Orion Blog

This has gotta be the Best Ever professionally made Stargate Atlantis Fan Music Video in existence! (Well, except for Mckay's Rap! but that was unique and in a different league! lol)

"Zachariah and the Lobos Riders" in association with "Terrace Martin", - (Snoop Dogg's Musical Director) have put together one of the funniest and funkiest Stargate Atlantis Fan Vids you simply can't afford to miss..!

The story behind this vid is that Zach has just recently been turned onto What Is... "Stargate Atlantis"! And Now he wants a part on the show! And he's willing to do whatever it takes to get his part! Lolz.

The Video is well worth a watch for any Stargate Fan! Actually, If yer a fan then don't miss it whatever ya do! And pay very close attention to the Lyrics! Hilarious! Enjoy!! :D

Mr. Brian Cowan - An Ireland Down The Bog Blog.

Orion Blog

Finally! The True Image all us Irish have been waiting for that probably best represents the present state of the Irish Government and its leadership (Or maybe Not!)!... Mr. Brian Cowan - Taoiseach (Prime Minister) of Ireland just before flushing the country's economy down the crapper! lol.

Brian Cown sending Ireland down the crapper

This painting, planted in the National Gallery by the artist recently, is apparently causing so much dispute and controversy within the government and also across the country's public now, that it is actually working in the governments favor by distracting the publics attention away from the recession and current economic crisis issues.

However, favors such as these do not go un-rewarded! As a reward to the artist, He is actually now being hunted down by the police and faces charges and prosecution! So much for freedom of speech, opinion and expression! lol.

Politics etc. aside tho... You've just got to laugh! lol.

EDIT: Apparently, the artist also planted a second painting in the RHA Gallery on the same day! Lmao! XD

Source for the second image, and a humorous blog detailing the whole thing was found here - Headrambles.com

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