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So,I decided that I have nothing to do IRL so i'll just write a weekly blog here on my account. I know that almost anyone in the website will not notice it,but I decided that I want to review some of my gameplays here,because I play a lot, and I lose a lot of course. now walktroughs or cheating..jk,there will be cheating,because in some games,cheating make the experience even more entertaining,just like ravaging the AI from the map on CIV,or just infinite money on other games,but,you got it,weekly blogging,nothing more,nothing less,except if happen something cool on my week,then,I'll post it here,of course it will be related to games and mods,thank you for the attention.

Matheus F.

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Dec 12 2012

Vilhena Vc Que Está Fzendo Videos Do Herobrine Eu Vou Te Dar Um Mod Bom Pra Usar,É O You Are the Herobrine:http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1341308-3500-downloads125yah-mod-you-are-herobrine-steve-housenew-blocks-and-new-treenecronomicon-tomo-iiiiii/

Jul 31 2012