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The Journey Down: Chapter One

Game review

Many indie games are good, but this one is great. Great music, great art, great story, and wonderful ambiance. Some of the key hotspots were a little unintuitive, but overall this is one of the best indie games to come out this year.


Trapped Dead

Game review - 1 agree - 4 disagree

I have been waiting for a zombie game like this for a long time. And quite honestly I do not understand the poor reviews on Metacritic. Aside from a few bugs and poor UI decisions, this game is more or less exactly what it claims to be.

Trapped Dead is a slow paced tactical zombie game, where you control up to 4 players on a map, and have to guide them to safety. In today's gaming world, I'm so sick of the zombie game where you have near unlimited ammo and unlimited zombies. To me this game gets it right, you'll find yourself scrounging for ammo, carefully using your medpacks, and trading items between players. You'll have to use careful resource managment if you hope to make it through a level alive. If you're familiar with the board game "Last Night On Earth" it kind of feels like that, in video game format (human side only).

My only real complaint in the game is the way players will happily stand there and take a beating even if they have a baseball bat or such in their hand. It was kind of annoying to be guiding one character around only to hear another in pain because he won't defend himself unless you explicitly tell him to.

However, all in all, I really do feel like I'm in an 80's zombie movie, and would recommend it to any fan of the genre.

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