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Onion Core is a small indie game studio born in Argentina, on June 2013.
We’re working to deliver -what we believe- the best game experiece we can.
The team is comprised by Alejandro and Bruno.

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Onion Core

Onion Core

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Onion Core is a small indie game studio born in Argentina, on June 2013. We’re working to deliver -what we believe- the best game experiece we can...

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Dec 28 2020

RT @BrunoBombardi: Ever been stuck having to decide which item to grab? These fellas will help you! (or not) #gamedev #indiedevT.co

Dec 23 2020

RT @BrunoBombardi: Yet another cultist dude from the forest temple. Wouldn't go near him while he's doing the little dance! #gamedevT.co

Dec 20 2020

RT @BrunoBombardi: Another dude from the temple. The mask on this one has a more "crazy" look. I think it goes well with his life's p… T.co

Dec 20 2020

RT @BrunoBombardi: How should this guy be called? For the moment, he's just "the shield dude from the temple". #gamedev #indiedevT.co

Dec 20 2020

RT @BrunoBombardi: This potion removes all skill cooldowns for 4 whole seconds. I think it may be overpowered, but for some reason, w… T.co

Dec 11 2020

RT @BrunoBombardi: A mighty fruit, worshipped by millennials all over the world. #gamedev #indiedev #madewithunity #pixelart #avocado T.co

Dec 10 2020

RT @BrunoBombardi: Working on the random dungeon generator is one of the biggest programmatic challenges of my game, but it's also tur… T.co

Dec 6 2020

RT @BrunoBombardi: Hey #PitchYaGame! This is The Cat Under the Dungeon. A fast-paced roguelite game featuring lovable characters, weir… T.co

Dec 6 2020

RT @ElFikuWTF: Pensar que hay gente hdp que cuando se compra un celular LE QUITA EL PLASTICO PROTECTOR AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA T.co

Dec 6 2020