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Omnicidal Studios is an up and coming indie game development studios based in the UK. They are currently working on their debut JRPG game " Akintoo "

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Hello to the lovely people on indieDB,

We are Omnicidal Studios, a small up and coming indie game development studio. We are passionate about gaming and the communities that are built around it.

Here at Omnicidal Studios, when we are not thinking of ways to completely eradicate the Human population, we are working really hard on our upcoming debut JRPG " Akintoo ".

Check out this post to find more on Akintoo.

You can also head over to our site here!

We have also released a character profile for one of Akintoo's main protagonists Senji
and there will be more coming soon.

We also have a Soundtrack tease in our video section... be sure to check it out.

If like liked what you see and are interested in Akintoo then why not check out our
Facebook and Twitter. Thanks for stopping by.

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