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Steam Curators Add Lords of Xulima

NumantianGames Blog

Curators is a new thing that Steam has implemented in the recent month. If you check out certain Curators, or follow them, you can see a list of games that they have recommended. Lords of Xulima was recently put on two Steam Curator lists: RPG Codex and RPG Watch.

We are thrilled to be on the Curators' Lists next to other excellent titles. Check out their Curator Pages and what they have to say about Lords of Xulima:

RPG Codex (Official)

"Tribute to old classics that isn't afraid to bring new ideas to the table. First person turn-based combat, isometric exploration, interesting puzzles."
[Curator Page] [Full Review]

RPG Watch

"Very challenging turn based combat game. If you like games like Might & Magic - World of Xeen then this is a game for you!"
[Curator Page] [Interview]

Silver Backers Begin Beta

NumantianGames Blog

Well the first wave of betas has officially begun as of Friday, May 30th, 2014. In a previous post we talked about the stages of releasing the game.

If all goes smoothly with the first round, we will be soon opening it up for our Bronze backers. That just means we are that much closer to the Steam Early Access, and eventually the finalized release.

We have lots of Beta updates that are in the exclusive backer forums, but within the last few days we had updated our logo, title screen, icon, and improved on English text in places.

It's coming along nicely, even though we are delayed by several months.


Just as a note:
Because the game is not in Steam Early Access and still in Beta, there is no official "store page" up yet. At this time you can view us on the Lords of Xulima Steam Greenlight page. There you can ask us questions about our the development and progress as well. As soon as our store page goes live, we'll be sure to update everyone.

Thanks for stopping by!

Official Site: Lordsofxulima.com

Steam Page: Steamcommunity.com

Facebook: Facebook.com

Youtube: Youtube.com

Twitter: Twitter.com

Press Articles

NumantianGames Blog

What a ride it has been so far! Lords of Xulima is progressing nicely. Like with any game development, we have to work out some bugs before releasing anything, but we will be sure to keep you as up to date as we can.

You can read our latest update on our official site which has a list of our progress.

Development Inches Towards Beta

Yes, it will take a little more time before we can release the game to the public, but we believe in making sure we take the time necessary to make sure the game is polished.

In the mean time, I have compiled a list of articles written by the press to show off what some of the buzz has been over the last several months.

(The) Absolute - "Lords of Xulima has everything that I remember loving as a young gamer..."

GameDev.Net -
Screenshot, Image of the Day on January 4th, 2014

RPGWatch - Lords of Xulima Interview

Leviathyn - "For narrative lovers, like myself, it's important to state how crucial the story for Lords of Xulima will be."

Siliconera - "The developers of indie "hardcore RPG" Lords of Xulima are really hoping to make the best game possible."

True PC Gaming Interview

E:Info Gaming - "The gameplay footage I have seen runs smoother and has far higher graphical fidelity than I remember with the classics. The environments are also astoundingly beautiful."

The Koalition - "The game boasts impressive painting-style visuals and a nice looking first-person combat system that resembles the likes of the classic Wizardry franchise."

Destructoid - Lords of Xulima looks cool and passed Kickstarter goal

Have we missed your coverage? Or have something to contribute? Post links at the bottom or message us!

Official Site: Lordsofxulima.com

Steam Page: Steamcommunity.com

Facebook: Facebook.com

Youtube: Youtube.com

Twitter: Twitter.com

Thanks for the support!

NumantianGames Blog

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your support so far.

Lords of Xulima is well on its way, at least 60% done. It is projected to be finished sometime at the end of 2013, but we will keep you up to date on the progress as we go along in case anything changes.

It is great to have so many comments and people viewing our page both here, our website, Youtube, and Facebook.

Again, thank you.

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