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Star wars foc coder, mapper ,unofficial voice actor for mod projects and Beta Tester. Also Actor in-training, look out for me in the future

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What I been up to - mod wise..

Svenwalker94 Blog

Its been a long time since I have updated this section so here I go

I have been playing a few mods from here and filefront but I have spent most of my time making my 3 of my own mods made from other mods.

First - My custom Clone Wars Mod, built from Ozzys Clone wars Mod 4.0. I have tinkered with the mod slightly by adjusting the coding, adding a few extra units and Heroes from other sources (mainly from RAW ,the sub-mod and the Battle front mod). Adding, Editing and some of the maps and putting the Planets in there canonical positions.

Second - My custom GCW Mod, Built the mod New Imperial Heroes. again did the same as I did as my clone wars mod but used some other sources. It worked out well and was slightly influenced by the mod "Super Star wars"

Third - My own Fannon mod. Set after the Battle of Endor where the New republic battle the Empire that is lead by Dark Jedi, Thrawn and Isard, as well as an Alliance of Inderpendant systems lead by Black sun members, Nightsisters, Hutts, Driods, other shady Criminals and a Mad Darth Maul and A'Sharad Hett. As well featuring sub - factions including Zinjs Empire, Treunten Teradocs Empire, the Pentastar Alignment, Josef Grunger's Empire, the Mandolorian Protecters and Delak Krennels Ciutric Hegemony.

I might post some pictures when I get the time.

Leaving for a few weeks....

Svenwalker94 Blog

For the next few weeks I won't be active much on moddb, due to a combination of me starting my own mod project, getting work done in for my first year of uni ,a very busy personal life, A project at my local theatre and work. If I do come on-line, I will most probably be coming on-line to get models, resources and to ask permission for certain assets. Hopefully when I come back on-line you guys can see the beginnings of my new Mod.

how to win a debate.......

Svenwalker94 Blog

the perfect closing line for a debate is "With all due respect to my esteemed opponent ..... YOLO !


Nowhere 3 Productions

Svenwalker94 Blog

So I have been on Moddb for a while now and i have finally got round to setting up my account and enbling it so that my company that i have set up with my friends so they will access to this accont.
For poeple who are intreseted what we have achived over the past few Months heres a couple things that we have made

A Couple of music Videos for the indie recording artist Edward Turner


And we have a film in the making

Time to Move

Along with Collage and university we don't have much time between us, but we will try and go on moddb as often as possible

Callum Evans

Standing by.....

Svenwalker94 Blog

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