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New Article on NobleKale.com - Empire Building pt 3

NobleKale Blog

Recently, I wrote 2 articles on Empire Building (Part 1, Part 2). The basic idea of these articles is to say 'hey, here's some things you should probably be doing, in order to establish a little empire of mouths & eyeballs that will help your community grow and expand autonomously.

This time, I took a slightly different approach - I've been going through and amassing a list of people who are either involved in Gaming Press or produce content derived from games - nominally, people who make Lets Play videos on Youtube or stream via Twitch. It's important for Gamedev folk to acknowledge these people for the potential role that they can play in bringing eyes, mouths and community. They can enhance and expand your empire. It's also very important to note, that - unless they are monumentally popular, they typically need you too. You make games, they need games. Thus, it's in the best interests of both parties to try and form symbiosis. This article is my way of approaching the Lets Play community and asking them to have a look at the Gamedev community (and telling them how to find and approach us).

Though Gamedev folk aren't the intended audience of this article, it's probably worth the read. Have a glance and let me know your thoughts.

Let's Talk Empire Building, Part 3

Moving Background Screens

NobleKale Blog

I wrote a bit of text about something I've encountered lately, and something I think it's wise to avoid - that is, moving backgrounds in games.

I'm probably overstating it a bit, but something like this can be a real gamekiller - if a game makes you feel slightly ill when you see the menu screen, you're not likely to keep playing, after all.

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