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I'm in my second academic year of my Music Production Bachelor's of Science degree. I've scored five independent films in the local film community, and want to make the transition into games.

On my soundcloud, there are excerpts of the scores I've composed. I've included brief descriptions of each scene when you click on the individual track.

I'm a huge fan of the Mass Effect series, Bethesda games, and Irrational Games' BioShock series. I'm a fan of anything gaming regardless of what genre, so if any of you are looking for a composer, I'd love to see what we could work on together!

Contact me here, or even quicker, on Twitter: NickBorrego

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I thought I'd post a few thoughts about my excitement to be working with Cube Noir on the development for their text-adventure game "Incursion".

They posted a job for a composer/audio designer about a week and a half ago, so I started doing some research on their project. It looked like they had the makings of a really interesting, story driven, text-based adventure title with classic 8-bit graphics. It didn't take long for me to realize these guys were most definitely worth getting a dialogue started with.

I took the advice of another game score composer, and downloaded an early build of the game. I used Quicktime to capture a screen recording of the gameplay. I then imported that video into my beloved recording software Logic Pro 9, where I composed a fairly 8-bit sounding score.

Within minutes of submitting this demo, Peter Moorhead informed me that it was an older build, and I should try scoring to this newer one. When I fired it up to do another screen recording, I noticed a huge difference in richer graphical detail, a more cinematic title sequence, and a deeper look into the story of Incursion. With this, I was able to compose this demo:


I was really happy to see their response to my less 8-bit, more organic score. They officially announced me as their new composer yesterday, and this marks my first day as an official game composer. I'm so stoked to finally, FINALLY be working on a game. I'm enjoying every exchange of ideas with these guys, and can tell Incursion will be a highly immersive 8-bit experience. We're looking to have a full build of this game by the end of the year, so when it comes closer to that, I'll for sure post some updates about it.

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Good work with the music. Really enjoyed it.

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