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had a busy summer!

NAW_Kano Blog

Small update of progress! New weapons selection Preview! Giza Pyramids Preview! Tomahawk Preview! Cordless Drill Preview! Ice axe Preview! GBU43 MOAB Preview!

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Screenshot 2019 08 22 00 18 29

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Screenshot 2019 08 22 00 20 05

Screenshot 2019 08 22 00 20 31

Screenshot 2019 08 22 00 21 25

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*4/25/2017 Update

NAW_Kano Blog 2 comments

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New Here?
Please Read This Post, So We Don't Have To Answer The Same Question Every Other Day! All Posts Asking For A Download Link Will Be Deleted Sorry, Oh and Stop Sending Me Private Messages, Asking For A Link Too. We Are Not Ready To Release Nations At War "A Project Revived" Yet, Your Know When Its Out, Because We Will Be Making A Huge Song And Dance About It!
Thank You.
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Q: Is it a game or a mod?

Nations at War "A Project Revived" A Single Player / Co-op & Multiplayer Battlefield Style Game You won't need BF2 to play it. It is completely stand alone with its own connections servers stats system and unlocks.
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Q: Where can i Download it?

Public Release Date Was Originally Planned For 1st Quarter 2017, But progress has been delayed due to Family health issues, So Sometime In 2nd Quarter 2017 Is More Likely Going To Be Beta Testing, Good News Is More Additional content and features Are Being Added, We have gained some more staff to help with its completion, Stay tuned!
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Q: Who are you guys?

Nations at War was Built upon the roots of a small group of Friends, some of which have played Battlefield together for many years. Nations at War has grown beyond the Tournament it was developed for and With cooperation from Battlefield Single player website, Allied Intent Xtended, Hard Justice, Surreal, Project Reality, Eve Of Destruction, Zero factor, Rising Conflict, Desert Conflict Xtended, Point of Existence, Australian Forces, Alpha Project, Forgotten Hope, Operation Peacekeeper and US Intervention. Nations at War has turned into a Truly massive Single player, Multiplayer and Coop Experience.

Q: Whats New?

This Is The Actual List Of The "New" Additions To Nations At War.
All BF2 Maps Cloned as Night Maps, Night Shader Fixed Properly!
Added BF2 Xpack Content From Special Forces,
Added BF2142 Content Including All Maps,
Added AIX Content Including Some Maps,
Added USI Content Including Some Maps,
Added POE Content Including Some Maps,
Added Lions Roar Content Including Some Maps,

And The Following Army's.

US Army,
MEC Army,
PLA Army,
German Army,
Ukrainian Army,
Iraqi Army,
Russian Army,
British Army,
Australian army,
Canadian army,

Additional Factions,
Canadian Special Forces,
US Army Rangers,
US Marine Corps,
US Navy Seal's,
British Special Air Service,
British Paratroop Regiment,
Israel Defense Force,
Blackwater Military Contractors,,
Russian Spetsnaz Forces,
Chechen Rebel Forces,
Middle Eastern Insurgents,
Middle Eastern Special Forces,
ISIS Forces,
Taliban Forces,
Somali Militia,
Chinese Special Forces,

200 Maps In This Release Guys!
All Single Player / Co-op & Multiplayer,
100's of New Hand Weapons.
A Multitude of New Vehicles,

New Fully Functioning Stats System,
New Graphical User Interface Multi Level Unlocks System,

New Hi Res Load Maps,
New Hi Res Weapon Selection Icons,
New Hi Res Mini maps,
New Hi Res Vehicle Textures,
New Hi Res Detail Textures,
New Hi Res Sky Textures,
New Hi Res Static Textures,

New Player Controlled Drones,
New AI, Enhanced Strategic AI (ESAI) Version 4.2,
New SweetFX Shader Suite,
New RFX Zoom Shaders System,
New Corona's Normals Shaders,
New Furqon's Explosions V2 (Animated Effects).

We Have Done A Lot Of Work,
So You Can Come And Have Fun With Us.
Hope You Enjoy It, See You On The Battlefield Soon.

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Watch Our YouTube Video's Here:

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