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Hello everyone! My name is Curtis, but my nickname that I kept since I was 8 is "Mac". I am a big fan of sci-fi and anything to do with technology and space. When time permits, I love playing games... If I had to choose which style of gaming is my favorite, I couldn't say. I would put RTS, 1st-person, and RPG as the top 3, but I suppose that covers a good percentage of all the games! What I also really like to do on my spare time is create maps for pc games, mainly for the C&C series but sometimes for the AoE series - I can thank RA95 for this map-building addiction! I don't have any experience with modding, though. Lately (as in the last few years, off & on, when I have time) my time for playing has been devoted to building maps for C&C3;. Why this game? Because this game has a such an awesome mod that I have great respect for and thoroughly enjoy... It's called: Tiberium Essence.

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A quick update from me

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Just wanted to make a small update here showing that I'm still active with creating some TE maps. For anyone interested I uploaded 2 new images. At this time they're of one map, but I do have more new and exciting maps that I'd eventually like to reveal at a later date. Unfortunately I am forced to work at a very slow rate, without having my own computer and all (had to save money for other things), but I suppose something new is better than nothing new :)

Other exciting news, which I've been saving my money up for, is I am leaving for vacation very soon, in fact just tomorrow... I am flying out to Europe for my very first time! I will be seeing some of the most beautiful places I've always wanted to see, starting with Rome (one of my new maps is actually of this location) and Venice of Italy, then taking a train up further north into Prague, Czech Republic. I cannot express how excited I am to finally visit these places. I do not get out much at all so now is the perfect opportunity. I know I'll have a blast, but wish me luck that everything goes smoothly and no lost luggage :)

New maps for Tiberium Essence

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Okay Tiberium Essence fans: It's my pleasure to reveal 4 maps that I would eventually like to share with everyone for this mod, exclusively (take a look at the 8 new pics). I had wanted to upload images showing these maps earlier this year, but these last few months, especially, have been quite chaotic and busy for me (I'm still recovering from the unfortunate events that occurred around me not long ago, but I'm doing better). So finally, with a little determination, I found the time needed to polish these particular maps up to where I'm satisfied and willing to show them.

I really hope you like what you see in these so far :) With the eventual TE 1.52 release, there will inevitably be changes on these maps (ranging from subtle to big), but for the most part, I suspect this is how each will look. Because these maps are dependent on the new assets featured in TE 1.52, I'm having to just tease you with these images, just until some time after 1.52 is released - I hope you're all as excited to play the next version of TE as I am! :D

Tiberium Wars Edition Map Pack

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Hey everyone,

Just wanted to state here that I finally got around to releasing my Mac's Map Pack (go ahead, say that five times fast!). As stated in the wallpaper and description, these maps are the Tiberium Wars Editions and so they can be played in regular C&C 3 mode if you wish (converting it to KW is a simple edit btw) or any C&C 3 mod, such as Tiberium Essence. This pack contains all 23 maps that I've created and finished, although I've made a handful of others but they didn't make the cut because they weren't finished/polished or were lame. My unreleased 2 player map that is set in an urban redzone, called Emerald Rainstorm, may be worth finishing and salvaging some time, though...

I want to also point out that if you downloaded the previous "Sample" map pack from before, Isle of Fury II had one tiny edit by me and has that change in this big release (the other two sample maps are untouched). I quickly decided to take away most of a hill so it'd be more level for base building, directly south and next to the top right corner's starting location. So go ahead and delete that older Isle of Fury II file; in case some of you play together, you won't have multiple versions and have a problem ;)

Speaking of editing, it is possible that I may go back and edit some thing(s) in my TW Edition map(s). If/when that happens, I will let you know here. I do consider these maps finished, but it is very possible that I missed something(s) or didn't think would be an issue, despite the many times I've played them. I'm sure you guys can bring up good points that could or should be edited, whether it's taking out/adding in, balance reasons, scripting, etc... Please though, I do want to hear from you guys about your opinions and possible suggestions. PM me or post at the download file page what you really like or what you think sucks, if anything (hopefully nothing sucks, lol). Within reason, anything to improve that you feel is necessary. If you open my eyes by giving a good reason, I can be convinced, especially if many of you bring up the same idea. Otherwise, I'd prefer to focus on editing these maps for TE stuff (already have the Tiberium Essence Edition wallpaper pending) ;) In your suggestions, you can even give me general or specific ideas for what to do for the TE Edition too!

In the mean time, I hope you all will enjoy these maps (maybe even as much as I did making them) and possibly find at least one that you really like! :)

First blog

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Hello everyone, as you can see I am recently a new member to moddb and I am looking forward to sharing ideas as well as some works with people. Before, I've just been viewing and reading the forums as a guest, but now I feel it's time that I actually become a member :) I think this will be fun as it'll be a great way to get to find and know comrades who share the same interests as I, such as the C&C series, but more noteably, Tiberium Essence for C&C 3...

Ok, now to some business...

I have recently uploaded several images of maps that I created to be played for C&C3/Tiberium Essence (or other mods). My intention is to some time in the near future release these to the public, whether that be to coincide with Carnius' next version of his mod or maybe sooner, depending how long it takes, haven't quite decided; for a while they've just been sitting on my hard-drive collecting dust and that's less fun :)

As many of you may have noticed, most of these maps are indeed remakes from originals, mostly from Tiberian Sun, but also RA95, RA2, and even Supreme Commander. When I have more time, I will post descriptions and their names for each image later. Now, about their names/titles, I do have a question for you. For all of the remakes, I currently have "name of map" followed by "II" (representing that it is a sequel/remake from a previous game). Which do you guys suggest is more professional and flows better: Should I leave the "II" on the titles or take them off? For example, from Tiberian Sun, "Grassy Knoll II" or just "Grassy Knoll". My concern is that there will be lots of "II"s :)

I hope you guys like what you see so far (I know, sorry the images are small), but these maps are detailed. Sooner or later, but hopefully sooner than later, I will upload 3 maps for you C&C3 fans to try out; these will be the re-workings (drastically improved) of the 3 that I uploaded many years ago on Lion's cncden.

Again, thank you for welcoming me, and I will talk to you guys again later!

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