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Tiberian Odyssey - A mod for Tiberian Sun

So much time and so little to do... Wait, strike that, reverse it.

That always seems to be the way working on Tiberian Odyssey, lots to do and finding the time for it and then again, when you have free time, what's there to motivate you to work on a modification for an old clunky CnC? Perhaps mostly is the fact that this mod has been around for over 5 years and so many great people have put forward contributions for it that stopping work on it would be almost criminal in the waste of time, work and ideas it would be. Of course, there's also the fan base, of both the original Tiberian Sun and the small group that have become fans of this project which definately means a lot to the team and is a good fuel source for giving me the energy to get things done and finished, so yeah, a big thank you to those who are watching the project and keeping track of it and most importantly those who offer us constructive critisism and feedback!

We really are quite close to finishing the mod, at least to a suitable demo release, it's only the few lingering jobs that need doing before it can happen, unfortunately though these jobs remaining are the most time consuming ones... However, stay tuned and keep watching what's going on and perhaps occasionally I'll write a little bit more into the development of this modification!

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