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Should there be vehicles or killstreaks in the FPS?

moraman Blog

As some of you may know, i am, with my brother, making a first person shooter set in Afghanistan. As a result, it is a comes to a crucial area that needs an answer. Do you want a kill streak system like that of the Call of Duty franchise, or have vehicles that you can enter and use to fight like in Battle field bad company, or a hybrid option? Voice your opinion, and i will see which option gets the most 'votes' and integrate them into the game.

First person shooter: first look

moraman Blog

As some may know, I am going into the hobby of creating video games, and one of them is a first person shooter. It is set in the near future in Afghanistan, where you play as a member of the North Afghan Alliance. In game, there will be over 70 weapons, ranging from assault rifles to a flamethrower. There will be roles, but they are based off of the classes you make.
Because of that, here is a list of pistols in game; M9/93, M1911, Mark 23, Fn 5.7, 44 Magnum, Desert Eagle, BFR, Single Action Army, C96 Mauser. As soon as i can get a 3-d model system up and going, I will release models of the weapons and give the short bios of each of them.

What kind of RTS do you want?

moraman Blog

Hey, i am trying to come up with some games as a side hobby, and i am curious as to what people want to play as an RTS. Do you guys want one where there is no population count, where you can build a massive army without restraint, or do you want a more tactical RTS with population count, varying resources, and unique units?

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