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10 years as a creative director in interactive medias. Then had a daughter and started what I always wanted to do : make video games.

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Hi IndieDB!

mikah Blog

Just to introduce myself to the indieDB community.

So I had a somewhat successful career as a creative director in new and interactive medias (basically, internet).
But video games always inspired my work. It could be ease of accessibility, mechanics, user interface...
October 2010, I was dad for the first time. But my wife was living away from where I was working (400km).
So I decided to quit my job and join my little family to take care of them.
The thing is that I ended with no job...
I decided it was a good opportunity to do what I always wanted to do : make a video game.
So I learned to code, developed a game engine, started my own game and funded my company with a talented graphic designer friend.
We are working on our 2D engine/first game for almost a year now and we are about to be happy with it.
I will give more details soon.

Some of my all-time favorite games with no particular order :
- Elder Scrolls : Daggerfall and Morrowind
- Super Street Fighter II and IV
- Dune
- Landstalker
- Doom 2
- Wolfenstein : Enemy Territory
- Guild Wars
- The Binding of Isaac
- World of Warcraft
- Limbo

Some links :
My gamedev blog
Our facebook page with some artwork from our game

Thanks for reading!

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