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VR game developer and creator of Dead Moon -Revenge on Phobos- VR A Sci-Fi FPS for Oculus Rift and Vive that sends the player to a war between good and evil. Experience hordes of monsters, a gloomy moon base setting, mighty weapons, intense action and a lot of fun in VR. We ❤️ VR action!

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Online on Steam and now at Oculus Store!!!

Hello monster hunter buddies,

there are already update notes for the next days. Mainly we have fixed bugs this time. It wasn't a thankful job, but it was worth it and had to be done. We don't ❤️ bugs! More beautiful are our new content that involve the player more deeply in the game.

We are looking forward to enthusiastic monster hunters!

Features / Improvements
- Added new 3D models (Wall panels, cables and hoses, covering sheets and more)
- New particle effects
- More volumetric light
- New textures
- New depth effects for existing textures
- Revised tutorial map (Extended 3D and lighting design, hint texts, extended help)

Bug fixes
- Tons of collision corrections due to push back effect
- Correction of the handling of all Loot Boxes
- Definition and correction of some accessible areas
- Emissive colour corrected on notice board

Kralle mit bubbles


Kiste Holobutton 1

Gewinnt zwei Dead Moon - Revenge on Phobos - keys von

Viel Glück für die zukünftigen Monsterjäger*innen!

Hier gehts zum Gewinnspiel!

We ❤️ gaming gifts!

There's a bloody Valentine's Day discount for Dead Moon - Revenge on Phobos - (19% off)... Cheerful monster slaughtering

Nu is er ook een Nederlandse spelbeschrijving op Steam.

Wij ❤️monsterjacht ... overal!

Hordes van monsters, een donkere maanbasis, krachtige wapens, intense actie en monsterachtig plezier in VR.

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We ❤️ VR merch!

- Teddy bears

- Shirts

- Cups ...

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Update Round 12

Hello monster hunters,

we want an even more intense and gloomy sci-fi setting. Look forward to new 3D models and new designs.

Features / Improvements

  • Added new small armor helmet model
  • Added new big armor model
  • Added new texturedetails
  • Added new smaler props

Bug fixes

  • Collision adjustments
  • Fixed particle system Flux-Extender-Gate doors
  • Fixed monster sequenz in Episode 1, Map 2

Armor small

You like classic VR FPS power? Then Dead Moon is the place for you! Our new lowpoly armor will keep your head on your shoulders in the future.

DeadMoon Helmet

First: Thanks to the new gamers after the full release! We hope you enjoy the monster hunt.

We have fun with Dead Moon and we are still burning for it! Therefore we are also working on new props, designs and further content.


Oh, Christmas again! If you are still looking for a gift for your loved ones ... Just in time with the full release Dead Moon - Revenge on Phobos - is available at the Oculus and Steam Winter Sale.