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VR game developer and creator of Dead Moon -Revenge on Phobos- VR. Full release version is now online on Steam and Oculus Store! A Sci-Fi FPS for VR that sends the player to a war between good and evil. Experience hordes of monsters, a gloomy moon base setting, mighty weapons, intense action and a lot of fun in VR. We ❤️ VR action! Stores: Steam and Oculus

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Hello monster hunters and those who want to be,

we have permanently lowered the price on Steam as well as in the Oculus Store.

So grab a new key for you and your friends.

Oculus Store 1


Lost and found... newly discovered! Looks good :)


Steam Awards

You like hordes of monsters and fast battles with a great variety of weapons?! You can't have enough of VR action and you feel satisfied only by playing Dead Moon? Vote for Dead Moon - Revenge on Phobos -!

We ❤️ VR action!

Dead Moon Steam Awards 2019 jpg

Now online on Ocolus Store and Steam!

Update 1.1

Hello monster hunters,

there is brand new content! We have put the first level of Episode 5 into this update as well. The level offers you a lot of variety and will probably give you some frightening moments. We'll be releasing more new Episode 5 content as soon as possible. Thank you to the community for reporting issues and suggesting improvements.

Reload the shotgun and let the monster hunt begin!

Update Highlights
- A brand new playable level of Episode 5

Environment jpg

- New 3D Designs

3D Design

- And of course more blood and explosions


- New dynamic step volume of some enemies
- Game instructions in the scenario level for the new monster hunters
- Extended episode selection in the scenario level
- Dynamic "green gold" liquid
- Performance improvement through new modular level structure (Not yet implemented at every level)
- New textures for various objects
- Night sky final boss, Episode 4
- Dynamic light sources
- New environmental sounds

Bug fixes
- Collision adjustments
- Handling holobutton on the lootboxes (already with the last update)

Known Bugs
- When leaving the elevators, there may be short-term problems with acceleration. Please teleport a few times

We are happy to offer a polish Steam description today!

Uwielbiamy polowanie na potwory.... wszędzie ❤️

Hordy potworów ,mroczna odsłona bazy księżyca ,potężna moc broni,zaskakująco intensywna akcja i zdumiewająca ku dreszczu doznań rozrywka w VR.

Hello monster hunters,

with the new level from EP5 there will be also a lot of changes in the old Episodes. We wanted to avoid this because we are no longer in the EA but could not resist. Be curious!

New screenshot from EP5:

Monsterrun jpg

Soon there will be the opportunity to play a brand-new level of Episode 5.

EP5 - The last fight!

A very hot Schmankerl today! Two from our upcoming 5 episode. Dead Moon a Sci-Fi FPS for Oculus and HTC .

5EP jpg1

5EP jpg2 1

... for you!




Now online on Steam! Now also online on Oclus Store!

Hello monster hunters,

this update round offers you new explosive Dead Moon experiences, a lot of swing and more.

New features
- New environmental animations
- Detonator for self-triggering
- New atmospheric 3D elements
- Varied AI behavior (Test phase)
- New textures
- New Sounddesign for the boxes

Bug fixes
- Collision adjustments
- Customize textures

We wish you a lot of fun with the further monster hunt.