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Let's start off with something fun!

Luna hesitated a bit but not long after, she spoke. “I realized that… the important thing isn’t what people did to you in the past but what people think of you in the present. You may have banished me to the moon for an unfair amount of time but it’s already spilled milk. It’s in the past and it’s unchangeable. But I think, what we really need to focus on is the present and the future. What we can change. What we are able to change. And what we want to change.”

Celestia smiled. “You’re right, Luna. I am forever grateful for you realiz-“

“TO THE SUUUUUUUUN!!!!!!” Luna aimed her horn at Celestia.

ah yes, the truth can hurt
but the way I see it, you can either run from it
or or you can eat some f*****g mayonnaise
-Present Perfect

"Life is like a cup of tea. Its all in how you make it"

"The difference between disability and badass is how you use it."

A fighter isn't someone who never fails.
A fighter is someone who never quits.

"You can wait for inspiration, but if you wait to long you'll end up doing nothing."

"Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes."

The following is dedicated to quotes from stories that ShortSkirtsAndExplosions has written.

Background Pony:

"My memory isn't all that good."
“That's a boat that everypony shares a seat in.. ..Believe me.” -Lyra Heartstrings

"..What kind of love is that?”
“Your love is the sincere kind of thing that your daughter will cherish and remember forever. There are parents who think that money can buy anything, but won't give their child attention or respect. You're not that kind of parent, Ms. Hooves. I believe that one way or another, you will find a way to give Dinky what she wants. But you're already giving her what she needs. If you forget any of the words I'm telling you right now, at least remember the same feeling that is bringing you on the edge of tears as I speak. For that is real, and a very eternal thing.”
-Lyra Heartstrings

"..Generosity is the lens of the heart. How else are we going to see how truly lucky we each are for being alive?'”

Perhaps... just perhaps, the sweetest things that happen in life are the ones that history isn't there to record.
-Lyra Heartstrings

A dream is much like a song. Very often do ponies forget the title of the instrumental. On other occasions, ponies are even likely to forget the name of the composer. What is not lost between that impermeable gap of sleeping and waking is the tune, the indefinable voice that plays with our ears like a mother licks her newborn foal. And when we open our eyes to the golden glow of a new dawn, it is something more than our bodies that animates us, something that gives us the tempo to which our hearts can dance, something that makes us crawl out of our beds like a resurrected soul is blessed to climb out of a tomb.Life is a very impossible thing, bleak and dark and dastardly at every turn. But something in the cold void of night—something as black if not blacker than death itself—slips a tune into our meaty hearts as a gardener plants a seed in inert soil. What grows from our dreams is a symphony, at times an orchestra that has no artist. And like that orchestra, we blossom against the nothingness, until our search—our growth—becomes life itself, becomes something impossible, like remembering the name of a musician that you were never introduced to, only to learn that it was yourself the whole time.

I do very much love to dream. Does that make me mad? I daresay, it makes me alive.
-Lyra Heartstrings

'Why?!' she spat down at him, furious. 'Why shouldn't I just jump?! Why shouldn't I just end the nightmare once and for all?!'
Because you are so special, so precious, and this world would be a lot less worth enjoying if you chose to leave it.

If all I care about in life is the imprints I make in this world, then the most I'll ever leave is a grave.

I don't know how long it will take for me to find my way home, but so long as I am living, I will never run out of neighbors.
I have not finished the story yet, but I will add quotes as I read....
Background Pony By ShortSkirtsAndExplosions is simply beautifully stunning!

For more non pony quotes check out my friend Commander_C22

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