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Hey everyone!

Here comes our second update. Check below to see what's new!

--- GAMEPLAY ---

  • Boost Gauge:
    • Reloading time is up to 12 seconds (previously: 5 seconds).
    • Cost of the different movements:
      • Bounce: 10% (previously: 25%)
      • Forward/Backward dodge: 25%
      • Right/Left dodge: 10%
      • Super Jump: 50% (previously: 100%).
      • Wall dodge: 10% (before this update, doing wall dodges reloaded the boost gauge by 15%).
  • New pickup: Boost pickup is now available! It gives a 10% boost with a respawn time of 10 seconds.

Boost Pickup

  • One-Tap Dodges (or wall dodges) settings available. You will find this setting in the “Commands” submenu. To use it, you have to press the dedicated bind and then the directional input when you want to dodge!

One Tap Dodges

--- UI ---

  • Flag icon added when you carried the flag in CTF mode.

flag carrier

  • Colored Team death message: from grey to blue or red.

Colored message

  • Locations of "Round scores" and "Team scores" are now switched.
  • Scoreboards updated: Players ID is now drawn.

Scoreboards updated


  • Weapons & beams are now colored according to your team.

Blue Red

--- FIXES ---

  • Capture The Flag: warmup available.
  • Local: Number of bots is selected by step of 1 (0 to 10).
  • The "Escape" key can't be bound.
  • New default setting for SuperJump.
  • Shotgun hit sound fixed.
  • DM-Mars: some collisions fixed.

--- IN TEST ---

  • New player boost gameplay.
  • Servers list and connection directly from a game.
  • FootSteps 3D Spacialization.

That's all for today.

Feel free to join us on :
Discord : Discord.gg
Twitter : Twitter.com
Facebook : Facebook.com
Reddit : Reddit.com

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Powered Games Entertainment

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A developer and publisher of first person shooter games including Master Arena.

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