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Marco Giorgini (1971) was born in Modena, Italy, were he still lives with his wife, and where he works as Head of R&D in one of the most important Italian software houses that deal in applied linguistics. Since 1994 he coordinates the cultural magazine KULT Underground and since 1996 the virtual publishing house KULT Virtual Press. Since March 2005, is the author of a comic strip about the world of writers wanna-be called Kurt. From 2008 he also produces apps for mobile devices.

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Pantagruel :-)

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Well, the fact is, we were really late. Pantagruel project started two years ago, and its core was more or less ready within few months. Then we waited for the music&sounds samples, then we waited for the text material and the help/tutorial, then for its english translation, and then I started other projects. Nothing wrong with that (team behind this game is big - I mean, not me and Andrea, but a whole bunch of people, and interaction takes its toll - and we were not in a hurry in anyway), but I have to admit that I'm really happy to have today this puzzle game on the store (GooglePlay, and AppStore will follow).

And now we just have to wait and see if this game works, and if people like it (or why not, if unluckly they don't). We can try to push things a bit (I mean, like everybody else with their stuff, we will try to promote it in anyway) but, having decided to put it free on the store (no in-app purchases, just banners, like King Soccer), we need not only a curious favoreble attitude towards it. We need that people like it enough to play it - several times.
Is that possible - with the current game structure? Is its simple mechanic addictive enough? Or do we need to change and/or improve something?
If someone of you wants to give it a try, and leave here a note about it (critics & suggestions) me and the team will be pleased to read them.

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Marco Giorgini Production

Marco Giorgini Production

2 members Developer & Publisher

A small indie group of old school programmers, who wants to mix the 80s/90s arcade feelings with the new strenght and vitality of the mobile experience...

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