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I've got three years of both UTEd 2.0 experience Source experience. I'm from the UK and can punctuate. It's a pleasure to critique, review, write and check your maps, content and storylines. Previous experience includes: Joutamaa (Script doctor), Field Zone(Leader, developer and writer) and UT2K4 DM_VipersNest (Developer)

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MajorBanter Blog

In the coming months I will have something under my belt to show you all.

Maybe it'll only manifest as a single map. Maybe it'll turn out to be pure winsauce. Maybe it'll be binned, and see as much daylight as your next veal steak. Wait, maybe that was inappropriate.

In any case, in the meantime check out skelhon.squarespace.com - my portfolio site. It's pretty sweet, and currently under construction, but it's still worth a look. Enjoy.

Oh dear.

MajorBanter Blog

Amazing what Sixth Form can do.

I'm modless, teamless and pretty much reviled by a fair number of people for 'bad management'.

It would appear democracy clearly isn't the way to go.

From here on in, I'll stick to working solo. Teams can work people, but you need to be a complete and utter Nazi to get them working - to quote my ex-second in command.


Well then.

MajorBanter Blog

Had a meet, got stuff going, have retired until the 16th.

Field Zone will have a teaser by the end of August. With any luck that is.

In the meantime, I need a damn coder. Anyone?

Making up 300 characters is a chore. Blehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

No, really, why does a damn blog have to have 300 characters? I write concisely!


MajorBanter Blog

I done make a boo-boo!

New laptop and new system. 10x jump in capabilities, which means better mapping, but the payoff is that I've lost a fuckload of awesome Field Zone material. Including the entire mod directory.


Remember kids, back up those HDDs! Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a SDK to rebuild.


MajorBanter Blog

I need one who's capable of modifying combine soldiers; I'll handle the skinning.

Basically, someone who can give them a generally chunkier, more typically 'soviet' look. A heavily modified helmet, bigger boots and webbing are all on the agenda.

It's gotten to the point where I'll ask anyone who's willing to do it, because we're at the stage where we need to start making inroads to setting up certain sequences and models; so we avoid clipping issues and so on.

Therefore, I need them finished nice and early.

Naturally, if you've got the skills, PLEASE PM ME, I never really check for comments.

If you're an Interloper, fantastic.


MajorBanter Blog 1 comment

We've got three mappers, one of which is the legendary Hollow Night.

We've got two modellers, one of which is the legendary Surfa.

And we've got one coder, who's just some bloke who commented on a blog post. Still, we're looking at feral humans and a new HUD thanks to him.

Can't complain really, can you?

Field Zone

MajorBanter Blog 2 comments

So, we've got 3 mappers including myself, and 2 modellers. Fantastic stuff really.

Should be packing a few gameplay videos soon, I'm working on a custom HUD and I'll be coding up the new pistol for in-game use. Should also be able to demo some Claymore gameplay soon as well, joy of joys.

Keep your eyes peeled, Field Zone is going official.

The update

MajorBanter Blog

It's not been a fun month, with exams taking place for the main mappers.

Thus, myself and a few others of the team have decided to delay the update yet further, which does piss me off as well.

However, this is mainly because Hollow Night is a total legend and has made us 44 textures to use, and I want a play before I submit any serious content. I'll let you know when Field Zone goes official.

For now, here's something made by Phott - Which I can't find at the moment, so I'll get back to you on that.

Never say this

MajorBanter Blog

Cut7- HDR compile


Ooohh, this is a brutal one. All of my maps will be only fast compiled. This means..... little optimization.

(holds hands out for screaming angry crowd)

Hey hey, let me explain. If you are not familiar with game design, you might not know how much time it takes to optimize maps. It easily takes a good 20-50% of your time just to do this. Optimization means game-play, FPS hits, and other things that just enhance the fun factor of a game.

That is possibly the most retarded thing I have ever heard. Field Zone will be in HDR, I assure you people, because I'm not a lazy c*nt.

Field Zone

MajorBanter Blog

Has a story, and a bit of a team. Hooah.

What I'm really looking forward to is showing off each of the mappers talents in the maps that they'll be making, and then dishing out the details of the rather original layout of the mod. I'm looking forward to it quite a lot.

Still need talent, modelers I'm not entirely interested in right now unless you're very, very bored.

Update on the 1st.
Make that the 10th.

In fact, better be the 30th. I've got exams.

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