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Concept artist needed!

(Please note that this is for a free Tiberium Wars modification, and as such is a non-paying role!)

Hand Of Nod

The base Hand Of Nod will be done in the Tiberiam Dawn style. What I plan is to have a choice of 3 upgrades that a player can purchase, that will provide the player with certain gameplay options, and that will greatly change the look of the Hand Of Nod.

I need 3 different concepts, because I am not good at all when it comes to designing, drawing, or conceptualising things.

Tiberium Future

The concept that I am looking for with this upgrade is to have the 'hand' part of the Hand Of Nod look like a tiberium mutants hand. This could be done by having green vein details, and or having small tiberium growth coming from various parts of the hand\arm portion of the structure.

The Earth that the 'Hand' holds, should suggest an earth that has been overrun by Tiberium infestation.
The artist can feel free to add any further Tiberium themes in the concept as they see fit!

Black Hand

The Black Hand version of the Hand Of Nod should be black, just like the Tiberium Wars version. The texture will suggest a polished black stone finish. The structure should have a more 'complete' look to vs the basic Hand Of Nod (ie the brown uncarved rock area should be tidied up, or omitted).
The blazing earth (as seen in the Tiberium Wars concept Hand Of Nod), will be a main feature of the Black Hand Hand Of Nod.

Stain glass windows, as seen in the Tiberian Dawn Temple Of Nod, or the Tiberium Wars Secret Shrine, is also heavily encouraged.


The Cabal version of the Hand Of Nod should not have any, or hardly any visible stone details at all.
The 'Hand' should be a robotic\Cyborg hand.

The Earth that the 'Hand' holds, should give the impression of an earth whose surface is dominated by cybernetic activity. Any further visual themes that the artist can add to the Cabal\Cybernetic feel is encouraged.

Having something that has Cabal visible is also heavily encouraged.

In all cases the upgraded structures should not cover a significantly larger surface area then the original structure.

GDI Tech Center

Once again, due to me having issues visualising things, I cannot come up with any ideas how the 'other' side of the tech center looks, and also how to detail the tech center.

A concept art piece that shows the other side of the building along with a reasonable amount of detail (for both modelling and texturing purposes).

Examples of Tiberian Sun GDI structures for reference

Optional is to also do a concept of 4 upgrade additions to the concept that you do. These would be the visible model sections that are revealed once a player has purchased an upgrade at the tech center.
Feel free to come up with your own upgrade themes (Tiberium Wars Tech Center has Rail Gun, Pitbull Mortar, Firehawk Strato booster, and Orca Sensor Pod).

This shows the CnC3 GDI Armory with and without upgrades!

GDI Upgrade Center plug-ins

I would like for a number of additional plug-ins to be drawn, based around the Tiberian Sun GDI Upgrade Center\Concept Radar. I would like at least 16 different designs and upto 32!

Only the plug-ins should be drawn, there is no need to draw the structure they are placed on.
Themes include:
Ion Cannon variants (4)
Radar scan
Stealth detection
GPS satellite uplink
Hunter seeker controller
Forgotten Monument (Tratos holding the tacitus aloft Statue of liberty style!)
And other plug-in themes of your choosing!

Feel free to pick whatever project that interest you from the above, there is no need for you to do all of it!

(About me! I have been modding Tiberium Wars for 7 years, I have 2 mods that I work on: Moddb.com & Moddb.com I mostly model and texture, although I can also do basic animation work. I have no formal training in any aspect of game design).

The Battle Bunker

The Battle Bunker

Madin Blog
RA1 Radar

RA1 Radar

Madin Blog 1 comment
The Bunker

The Bunker

Madin Blog
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I've just noticed that you are juggling 2 of my favorite mods for this game. And i have this to say to you. You are an absolute legend. Keep up the amazing work, pal.

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Madin Creator


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Hi Madin , I've downloaded Red alert history mod by i dont know how to use the files so i can make it run .. will u please guide me.

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well, hello there, all you have to do is:
1. run C&C3; and launch a skirmish
2. doing so will create C&C3; in your documents folder
3. If inside of it is a Replayes folder then everything is good :)
4. Create inside of said folder (C&C3;) a folder called Mods
5. Copy the Red Alert History folder in mods folder
6. If you are using Steam version then go to properties and set launch option to -ui (just type -ui) and press ok)
7. After you launch the game, the window will pop up, press game browser and choose RAH mod and press launch.
8. ....

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Madin, I had an idea about APC/Phase Transport in Red Alert History.

So, the Phase Tank is based on the APC. So is your Tiberian History SIDAM which is a real-life Italian vehicle.
Now, I was thinking, whether these two SIDAM and Phase Transport could become possible manual upgrades for the APC (at the cost that the APC looses its transporting ability). You can give the SIDAM just a very slight retexture, replace the GDI logo with the Allied one and maybe an Italian flag?

EDIT: Maybe in the future a Renegade 2 version of Flamethrower Infantry (it looks so much better)

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Hello there madin! It's nice to see you're back on business... Your models&textures; are real pieces of digital art! Keep on the good work!!

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hi Madin how do you Add the Addons to Command and Conquer 3 mod named: Madin's Mix Mods?

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Hey man, how do you make your concept art? Do you draw it or use photoshop? Just curious because it looks really nice. Thanks.

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Madin Creator

They are Westwood concepts, not mine.

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Oh right, thanks.

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