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Resigned Full attention to Cheatenforcer.

lukeskywalka Blog

Hello, I know I have not been active, or delivered much updates. I have been busy with Family and Project Vahaos. I have got good new for those who are looking forward to Cheat Enforcer. I resigned from Project Vahaos over some Disagreements. I also have High-tech: Uprise of a Hacker game i am working on. I have set it aside while i wait for the kick starter come threw. Cheat Enforcer is now at the top of my list of things to do. On that note. I am unemployed so i am looking for a job as well. So once a job is obtained this will slow me down but i plan to have it release before 2014. Im aiming for Christmas for a release. Release is subject to push back there's about a 75% chance it will get pushed back a little into 2014.