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One-man powerhouse currently developing Onis all by himself. Onis is a turn based strategy game that is also being developed by two other peop- You know what, scratch that first part. Let's go with somewhat cool guy developing somewhat cool games.

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Finally some video showcase! (SteamChain Devlog #4)

LuisChaves Blog

Hi everyone!

This week we've been knees deep into work, (with the staying at home thing and all) so we have some really cool stuff to show. First, we can finally show some sneak peak at an actual game engine running, yay!

As you can see from the video above we got both the wall jump and the platform creation mechanic working. Of course they are going to get polished as we go, but as a precision platformer it's extremely important to get these basics down as soon as possible. The platform creation mechanic is going to work in service of the overall movement, so you can only create one platform before having to land again in order to replenish that ability, sort of like a double jump.

We also got started with the level design process, and if you don't believe us, here's an image as proof.

IMG 20200318r 010836

Last but not least, during this week we created a visual mock up of our game, in order to better understand and build upon its visual identity.


And that's about it! We promise we'll work harder next week and stay tuned for news from our upcoming steampunk platformer: Steam Chain!

See ya!

Concept Background Art (Steam Chain Devlog #3)

LuisChaves Blog

Hi everyone!

As we all know, this past weeks have been pretty rough, with events being canceled left and right. Despite all that, our team is trying its best to stay focused and keep a steady workflow across the week. This time I bring you some concept designs for our logo and a couple of level design tests.

22 SteamChain 22 min23 SteamChain 23 min

We will likely stick with design number 4 for the time being, and see where good old iteration takes us.

unknown min

Background 2 min

Last but not least we have the long-waited reveal of some background art! Don't be alarmed as the colors are not final in any way shape or form.

And that brings us to the end of another blog. Hope everyone had a great week, remember to stay safe, and see ya!

Level Design Concepts (SteamChain Devlog #2)

LuisChaves Blog

Hi everyone!

This week's been pretty busy, but despite all the side work some progress was done regarding our upcoming game. That said, I present you with our latest level design concepts!

Level Design Concepts - Indie DB

See ya next week!

New platformer steampunk game is taking shape in our ironworks.

LuisChaves Blog

Hello everyone!

Despite being new in this community, we are happy to reveal the first sneak peak of our upcoming game.

RabbitAnimation - Indie DB

A concept animation for our main character.

Quick sketch

Here we have a quick level design concept.

If you find these examples remotely interesting, keep up with our weekly updates!

See ya!

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