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British nutcase with a penchant for HL2 mods and a liking of the time where you could have an RTS without spam or massively overdone micro-management.

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Lt_Albrecht Blog

HL2 Mods. It's that time of the year when all desire to do anything except shoot members of the Combined Overwatch leaves me. So I delved into HL2 Mods, and came to the following conclusions:

  • Too many stupid ideas (like any mod community, HL2 is blighted by mods founded on stupid ideas supported by stupid fans, nothing big),
  • Good but poorly executed (Joutomaa, good idea, but REALLY short. Quite sweet. Definitely needed more...),
  • Big but meh (Strider mountain, this mod has got to be about as big as HL2's SP. Unfortunately although reasonably pretty it has a few flaws, like so-so gameplay and all of the game after "summit" being underground killing zombies and a few combine. The climax is in the middle and I lost the will to play after that...) ,
  • Then we have the good bits (Minerva. MINERVA. Migh play that again, it was a brilliant piece of storytelling with stimulating gameplay and reasonably fun puzzles as well as combat. And a section where you are completely unarmed....)
  • And finally, my pet peeve: Awesome but unreleased (I know it can't be helped but I WANT BLACK MESA SOURCE. Yeah, I like a remake. Sue me.)

TL;DR Version: Get Minerva. Strider mountian is ok but use cl_drawhud 1 and stop after "Source". Black Mesa:Source is worth more than your life.

A tad Frustrated

Lt_Albrecht Blog

I post a ton of updates on my mod, get my nes on the frontpage and generally add some spice to my profile, nobody even bothers to leave one comment on anything. That is frustrating, I am sure that some people may have seen the pictures and stuff, maybe even read some of the text, but nobody so much as bothers to say so much as "lol, it's a tank". I put a load of work into stuff and some guy who ripped a model from HL2 and changed the face a little and was only two places above me on the frontpage gets more comments. A model taken from pre-prepared assets with minimal effort. I work hard on my stuff, get some other guys working and even go so far as to stage a miniature battle, and for what? Nothing, worse than nothing. Being passed up for stolen 3d. This is the kind of stuff that drains resolve and motivation to update moddb. If people won't read it why should I bother?

Seriously, what would I lose from leaving moddb and going back to my cosy, stable little C&C community? I'd lose a few hours of wasted time a week, that's what. Please people, gove me a reason to bother. I see dormant or dead mods with more attention than mine, why? I have a concept that has succeded elsewhere, I have quality assets and updates, I even have freaking guns that shoot lightning, but do people care? No. They care about something that's crap or will never be released, or a rehash of the RA3 example mod that came with the SDK or a project that ceased development shortly before the last ice age... Makes me wonder why I even care. And as they say on Dragons' den "For that reason, I'm out".


Lt_Albrecht Blog

Yep. I got a blog at Moddb... All fear my innane and sometimes disturbing ramblings!This'll probably end up as a point of reference for psychoanalysts to start a mental profile of me when the murders start XD First I have to get into shape because dazed dipshits are heavy and I'm not the kinda guy who just wants to kill, if I went on a spree of murders I'd fillet the stupidest people I could find. Anyways, if you aren't slightly worried I'll assume you're coming back. Next time learn a bit about My Yuri's Revenge mod and what motivates me to be the way I am.

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