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Well I'm a Voice Actor and a Journeyman Acoustics specialist which is mainly spent around sound effects, voices, and simple music. I am currently recovering most of my material and reciving new equipment for my studio which was all lost originally in the Noreastern Hurricane Irene. I rarely ever check my own profile unless I get 30 watchers, which doesn't seem likely. If you wish to contact me please go through private messages.

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STA3 CTA Hardcore Mode.

Lockerd Blog

this mode has been played by at least 3 groups in multiplayer, not sure if everyone sees it or they just keep it to those who have been labeled as friends.

Hardcore Mode

  • The 7/5/5/3 ratio applies when speaking of fleet sizes.
  • There can only be 5 fleets of 15 in a gravity well per side, this excludes those in the 7/3 ratios
  • Klingons can have 7 fleets of 15 so long as each fleet has 10 birds of prey
  • The Dominion can have 5 fleets of 15 and same for the Federation.
  • Romulans have the 3 ratio with 3 fleets of 15, they however have special options listed below.
  • The Federation must incorporate one capital ship per fleet.
  • there cannot be one fleet of one type of ship, you must incorporate one heavy cruiser per fleet, you must vary your fleets.
  • Romulans are the only faction which must have a minimum of 3 capital ships per fleet and 2 heavy cruisers, they also have the option to be completely comprised of capital ships.
  • Romulans can also use cloaked ships frequently.
  • Federation can use multiple support vessels but cannot have more than one carrier per fleet.
  • Stations cannot be placed en masse, outpost stations can only be placed in 5 places of choosing, and large stations can only be placed in 3 places of choosing, once they are gone they cannot be rebuilt.
  • each faction (except for the borg) can only place shipyards on three planets and once they are gone they cannot be rebuilt. the borg can only have one shipyard world.
  • No Titans

  • Teams cannot be locked but can be set for the Fed and Klingons for early game, you must work to alliances in game.
  • Cardassians can be independent of the dominion, but can only make Keldon Class Capital ships and cardassian specific ships. they may choose to have the obsidian order and allowed one fleet of Keldon class ships.
  • Cardassians cannot team with anyone but the Dominion except for the following reason, and only late game can a cardassian faction choose to leave the dominion this is where they can team with the federation and other factions against the dominion, however once this is done the fleet ratio drops to 3 fleets per grav well and can only be comprised of galor classes, only one shipyard world is allowed, and only one starbase and 3 outposts are allowed, once destroyed none of these can be rebuilt.
  • The dominion must have a fleet mixture of 10 scarab classes and 1 capital ship per fleet, the rest is free choice provided they are dominion only ships, no cardassian ships if they are going to be pure dominion.
  • If multiple stars are enabled, then only the dominion can use wormholes to travel to other stars.
  • if the klingons, federation, romulans and cardassians are in one system then the dominion are allowed to expand in their own system, if the dominion start out in the same system as any of the alpha quadrant species let them migrate to another system if at all possible or practical.
  • Defenses can only be made on strategic worlds, defense satellites like the cardassian unmanned weapon platforms can only be placed on 3 worlds, hangars are not allowed except for the klingons and romulans.
  • Repair structures can only be massed on 3 planets of choosing, and once they are gone they cannot be rebuilt.

  • Borg hardcore mode can only have one borg player.
  • Borg are only allowed 5 cubes and one tactical cube no other caps allowed, and can only have 3 fleets of 3 in a grav well.
  • only one unimatrix starbase can be constructed ever, this cannot be at any owned planet it must be at a star
  • Every planet owned by the borg must have a transwarp conduit.
  • the borg are allowed multiple defensive satellites on 5 worlds of their choosing.
  • Assimilated vessels do not count towards the gravity well fleet limits.
  • the borg are meant to be hard to beat, so alliances are to be necessary.
  • the borg cannot go on the offensive, they get to take one star system or 1/4th the planets in the system for themselves but after that they are stagnant.

This is the basic setup that I've been taught, it's not perfect but it does kinda give a Dominion Wars Vibe when done properly. I personally have had hours of fun with this mode, it's paced calm and in many cases very tactical to assault strategic planets to gain the upper hand.

there may be more added later once I get in touch with one of the original game hosts who made this system.

Favorite Transformer

Lockerd Blog 1 comment

alright everyone, who or what (insecticons, omnicons, etc) is your favorite transformer?

*mine no surprise* Soundwave.

I got love for all the series except for three, Rescue, Animated, Robots in Disguise.

hell post your favorite series as well.

mine *Armada* and *G1*

please no *unicrons* nor *Primus's* as they are not exactly transformers in the conventional sense.

As of late.

Lockerd Blog 2 comments

So as of late people have been PM'ing me about details with the Dawn of the Reapers testing....why? I don't have an effing clue.

but I can say this, I will not be giving exlusives whatsoever, I will not be sending anyone clips/pics/demos under any circumstances (barring reaper invasion).

I have been in contact with Lord_Set for a while now, it has been steadily increasing in terms of frequency.

I am both a Tester and (possible) Audio Specialist....I am still very much a novice in terms of this. but I have the right equipment, or I will soon.

thanks for observing this


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