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Colonial cruiser

Kalga Blog

Grainger class colonial cruiser

mass: 1,070,000 tonnes standard [fuel mass: 890,000 tonnes], 1,210,000 full load
dimensions: 639.45m x 210.10m
machinery: 4 vane Gammaten NTR drive, 1 Blakeson fusion core, 16,680,000 N, 8,700 SI = 152,075 delta V
armor: 25mm whipple shield covering
armament: 6 250mm MK.II railguns (2x3), 6 laser cluster (2x3), 6 missile slot (2x3)
complement: 122-154

Name/builder/laid down/launched/comp/fate
Grainger/Gamma Armament Yd/13.4.2430/21.7.2432/3.3.2433/BU 2483
Londonderry/Pinnacle Advance Defense/7.5.2430/4.12.2432/5.7.2434/sold 2488
Shepherd/Ferguson Avansion Productions/25.6.2430/5.2.2433/25.10.2434/BU 2484
Handel/Yukon Advance Orbital Industries/15.8.2430/17.8.2433/23.1.2435/BU 2486
Horkstow/Dexter Star Yd/23.1.2431/-/-/cancelled 2432
Morris/Lance Orbital Launcher Industries/14.2.2431/-/-/cancelled 2432
Bonnie/Dmitri Space yd/14.3.2431/-/-/cancelled 2432
Rufford/Kurwa Orbital Works/1.5.2431/-/-/cancelled 2432

A subclass of the C-class cruiser more suited for patrol duties in systems lacking in orbital infrastructure, the Grainger class traded 6 of its railguns for laser clusters along with smaller (and more basic) missile banks. Other less obvious changes include a reduction of the number of whipple shields [less overall armor], the less powerful (but also less maintenance intensive) sensor suite. As expected though there were a number of subtle upgrades in terms of habitability. As with their parent class, these ships were simple, sturdy vessels, with reasonable maintenance needs. Handling and performance was similar though greater due to various weight reductions. All completed ships give solid, though undistinguished, service in the Federation Star Corp until their decommission in the early 2480s. The Londonderry served further on in the star navy of the Directory as the depot ship DH-004 until its hurried reactivation during the First Contact War, in which it was destroyed with all hands along with the rest of the Directory's Home fleet at the Battle of Daka. The second batch of 4 ships were cancelled in 2432 as the beginning of the massive cuts that characterized the decline of the Terran Federation during this era.

Star Tyranny- setting creation post 1

Kalga Blog

Remember How about two year ago I said I was making a sci-fi setting? Well some things happened and it turned out it was a bit harder than I expected, but at least now I got something...

Flag of the Nitten Star State, A steel star in a sea of blood
​The Nitten Star State is an autocratic interstellar nation encompassing over six solar systems. With a population of over half a trillion, the NSS is one of the largest political entity in the known systems (though the Nitter Species is not the most populous species, with humanity dwarfing it in both population and territory). The NSS process massive reserves of resources, a high technological base, and one of the largest military. With a militant population, an expansionist minded government, and numerous more than questionable policies, the NSS has been frequently labeled as "Space Nazi lite" by the human nations, though the joke falls flat to the Nits themselves, due to their vastly different history and social value systems.


The early history of the Nitter species was shroud in mystery, with much of the records possibly deliberately erased by successive governments (in the name of "preserving social stability"). What is known is that the species was unified in the so called Unification War (also known as the Third Planetary War). The Inter-system era was mostly a time of little note, until the invention of the hyperspace drive.

The following period of interstellar colonization was mostly marked by chaos and lack of regulation, mostly due to the sudden nature of the discovery of FTL. Many super-corporations and nationalistic groups attempted to form independent nation-states of their own in uncharted planets. What followed was a series of conflicts collectively known as The Coherence Wars. During that period of time the military, especially space forces, were rapidly expended, with a side effect of development of semi-autonomous military districts, a problem that continuously to plague the NSS well into the Second Imperial Era. Even so, for a time it appears that the Nitters as a species under a unified government was in danger of falling apart. However, the crisis was mostly averted with copious amounts of orbital bombardment and forced migrations.

First contact with humanity occurred in the Sodden system in 3784UE (Unification Era**), and the First Fringe War erupted soon after. The only thing really notable was the tendency for Nitten Military to loot everything they can get their hands on. In fact, the majority of the looting occurred during the negotiation process, after Dominion starships wiped out much of the Nitten Expedition Fleet.

The Second Fringe War, far from being some grand invasion of humanity, was in actuality the collapse of the Nitters as a unified species. The massive fleets and armies that assault the Fringe worlds were not some organized offensive, but rather the arming of previously marginalized groups by the NSS to sow chaos and serve as a release valve, as well as disposal of obsolete military hardware.


The Nitten Star State is an autocratic dictatorship, led by a Supreme Director back by the Grand council of minsters. Each system has it's own system Director (except for the home system) with each planet having a planetary governor. Most planets are given wide discretion on formulating their own laws, with the only unified national laws in areas concerning interstellar trade, property rights, and arms control. An interesting feature are the existence of thousands of orbital colonies in a semi-autonomous existence, most of them populated by exiled peoples that were deemed "unstable" by the NSS.


The NSS economy is fundamentally a solar system based one, with the largest economic unit being the solar system. Given the scale of production, the costs of interstellar transportation, and the resources within even the poorest systems, it is rather impractical to have anything more sophisticated. Most industrial production has long ago shifted to orbital assets. Transpiration networks are heavily developed in most places, with most planets processing at least a dozen space elevators and starports. The energy sector is split between core taps (mostly a planetary thing) and solar networks (mostly an orbital thing), along with large numbers of fusion reactors.


The Nitten Military is split between planetary forces and orbital forces, the former much more decentralized than the latter. While the military hardware is often less than inspiring the sheer amount available often makes the Nitten military a force to be reckon with.

Nations of Sodden IV

The Principality of Highfield

More commonly know as the Kingdom of Marysuetopia (the name which the Principality highly resented), the Principality is a small nation located on the southern part of the West continent on Sodden IV. Despite it's small size and population, it is one of the wealthiest nation (as measured in GDP per capita) in the Sodden system (which really means that it's considered to be moderating well off in the general development index in the human systems). The source of the Principality's wealth lies in its control of the planet's only core tap. The nation came into infamy as the only human nation to ally with the alien species known as the Nitters. Despite massive losses suffered in the First Fringe War the Principality continuous to maintain close relations with the aliens...

Republic of Bumfuckstan (RoB, get it? Wait a fucking minute...)

The Republic of Bumfuckstan is a moderately sized nation with a population of 278 million. Known for its extreme levels of corruption in all aspects of its society as well as extreme backwardness of its economy and overall development. However, despite these and numerous flaws, the country was relatively stable (in a form called "stable-instability" by political scientists). Facing the brunt of the Nitten counteroffensive during the First Fringe War, the country collapsed soon after into civil war and general anarchy. The remnants of which were obliterated in the Second Fringe War.

The Enclave of Nosk (yes I'm recycling factions I previously made up, so what?)

The Enclave of Nosk is a heavily industrialized nation, with a large population and small landmass, it is one of the most densely population nations. Originally conceived as a Libertarian colony, the Nosk rapidly (but totally expected by everyone else) devolved into a industrial Oligarchy. The development of the MPK (Marionette Puppe Körper, which are basically zombie cyborgs) significantly changed the social structure of the Nosk, under the new paradigm human suffering and death has become a commodity and something to be actively cultivated. Thus the standards of living for the average inhabitants, already one of the lowest one the planet, dropped significantly further...

​The Patriarchy of Misogynia

Possibility the most oppressive nation in the known systems, the Patriarchy pf Misogynia is a case study (or a strawman, depends on who you ask) of everything that is wrong with Post-informational era Patriarchy. Founded by various terrorist cells fleeing the developed worlds, the PoM was always intended as a hellhole of oppression to the majority of its inhabitants. For most, life in the Patriarchy was lower than that of animals at best, and a hell in reality at worst. Interestingly enough, the PoM has one of the most sophisticated militaries on Sodden IV (at the time of the First Fringe War), processing limited orbital force projection capabilities. Despite nuking most of their own cities during the First Fringe War, the Patriarchy came out of the war in a (relatively) stronger position, only to be conquered in the Second Fringe War.

Industrial Warfare of the Internet

Kalga Blog 1 comment

Weird topic title eh? Well I got your attention so it's all good.

rant times are of coming...

I'm sure that I'm not the only person in the past few weeks who's a bit disturbed at the whole "Gamergate" controversy. It's pretty shocking to see many otherwise reasonable people and sites dragged into the fighting of a life or death struggle over... what was the original issue they're fighting for again? Oh it doesn't really matter by this point (ever since so many other hot button issues got thrown into the mix) since they're defending they cause/way of life/interests against forces that seek their destruction. Compromise means defeat, and defeat means total destruction and discredition of them.

Sounds a bit familiar? Well isn't WWI fought in a similar format (metaphorically speaking, we don't want to debase the noble sacrifices of millions do we)? A single event lit the fuse of a large amount of simmering problems, complicated series of alliances and obligations dragging all kinds of groups into the conflict, the totality of large social groups (in that case it was nations) dragged into the fight that were barely their business, mass mobilization, all or nothing mentality, no compromise treaties, etc.

The internet has stumble upon the concept of industrial warfare. Congratulations.

*slow clap*

Of course the components had been there for years, the need for total victory (all or nothing) has been around since the earliest days of internet debates. The tendency for groups to like minded people to clump together, shun outsiders, enforce orthodoxy, and get radicalized has been a well established trend by this point (just look at half the groups on Moddb, and people here are mostly sane...).

So yes Gamergate is about all those issues currently fought over (yes every one of them, whatever they are by this point), because people and groups have dragged them into the fray. This conflict is much larger in scope than any of the combatants have so far realize. Dismissing them doesn't make the combatants stop fighting.

Is there an end? Unlikely in the near future. So grab your popcorn and enjoy the flames.

*goes off and designing more starships on gmax*

This is not a rant*

Kalga Blog 1 comment

Well, since it's a new year, so I'll make an announcement.

I'm going to start writing my own science fiction setting**.

It's not connected to anyone else's project. Mostly because I don't want to be constrained by various things such as reality and common sense.

More information will come later... hopefully (assuming my spring semester is not too stressful).

Happy 2014 everyone and cheers.

*Sure it isn't...
**It will involve spaceships and a number of solar systems, as well as aliens, so it's science fiction in my opinion.

The Victory of Defeat

Kalga Blog

Given the fluid nature and relatively lack of constraints of online debates, it is fully possible to win a debate under circumstances that would prevent it from happening in real world discussions.

While the following advice are usually used by trolls and flamers, in certain situations they can also be used by others who are at a temporary weak position.


1. Avoid ALLCAPS at all costs, keep calm, try not to screw up on spelling or grammar.

2. If the opposition accuse your side of being supportive of [insert whatever hated group] in an attempt to derail the debate, simply roll with it and get the debate back on track. However, don't make a big fuss out of it.

3. When the other side gets tired (perhaps of your BS, or it could be they ran out of arguments/counterarguments) of the debate & ragequit, don't gloat about it, Don't even acknowledge it. Just leave the place.


Soon, the other side start posting stuff all over the forum/site/wherever claiming they totally won the debate and how your side was all wrong. However, the impression from the public is that they have lost and are just extremely butthurt about it...

This, is the Victory of Defeat.

Let's Question Creationism! (Part 2)

Kalga Blog

Be glad that we are treating your "theory" like an actual theory...

This is a continuation of my previous post on questioning Creationism.

8) If "Adam" and "Eve" were created with "prefect" genes (to explain away how generations of inbreeding did not end up with humanity's extinction), then why is there a major genetic defect within ONE generation (as in Cain's urge to murder his brother for a petty reason).

8.1) After a supposed "globe flood", humanity is once again left with only one family, since this "flood" supposedly occured around 2000 years after the first humans, then they must have had some genetic defects, now we are back to the same problem of how to explain how a family can inbreed into humanity as we know today without them having "prefect genes"

9) If every living being is already created in a "prefect" form, then what's the point of animal husbandry?

10) Why are there so many varities of every living species (even within the same environment) if there is supposly a "intelligent design".

10.1) How come there are different species (that fills the same niche) are able to live in the same types of environment?

10.2) Going by the previous point, how come those different species are not being able to live in the same location without one wiping out the other?

If you Creationists want to claim that questioning does not apply to your theory, then stop claiming it as a theory! Just claim it as the undenible truth and ignore the rest of the world (and while you're at it, get off the computer you're using right now, it may let you down the wrong path).

How to Troll Atheists on YouTube

Kalga Blog 2 comments

Wait a minute... why the heck is an atheist writing about how to troll atheists?

Simple, to find problems on current atheist anti-trolling tactics and (maybe) formlate solutions.

Alright... here's the actual content.

So a while I made another secondary account on YouTube for the purpose of trolling atheists and secular people in general (mostly to blow off steam, my real life is stressful at times). Some tactics I found effective are:

1) Don't ever start with ALLCAPS! This is the most obivous sign of a troll. Start with a arrogant attitude and what appears to be a ironclad closed mind.

2) When an atheist point out an obivous icky part of God's action in the Bible, don't deny it. Just say that since God did that action then there MUST be a just and fair reason for it to happen.

2.1) If they demand the "fair and just" reason, just reply that mere humans without the divine information [Bible] will never able to comprehend it.

3) If they ask about the suffering/unfairness of this world, just answer that you see no problem with the unfairness/suffering, or that sin was the cause af all that, or Satan did it.

4) If you are even in a position where you cannot figure out a seponse, use ad hominem attacks, internet tough guy type threats, and ALLCAPS BS.

4.1) If they call you out for your actions, just claim that you're just saying the truth/facts. Better yet, use more ad hominem attacks, internet tough guy threats, and ALLCAPS BS.

5) When they point out that your arguments are lacking in... just about everything, cry about how "the system" is rigged and that everyone who is unsaved [i.e. the people who just defeated your argument and just about everyone who is not cheering you on] is in it to get you.

6) When they maek your comments as spam or deleting them, cry discrimination and/or persecution. If you're dealing with atheist logic on the comment section of your videos, delete their comments and block them in the name of "maintaing righteous standards" and/or "making a safe and hate free environment"

7) When all else fails, attack their YouTube account directly by spaming them with weird stuff (like links to Boku no Pico).

7.1) Don't do it to my main YouTube account though, because I just might thank you for giving me free links.

8) Spell & grammar checks are very important, you don't want them to poke fun of you for that and thus derailing you trollings.

Pm me any other tactics and I might make a follow up to this.

Let's Question Creationism!

Kalga Blog 2 comments

Since Creationists claim that their theory is a valid scientific theory, then that means we [anyone] can question it like any valid scientific theory...


So here we go:

1) Why does sex feel good when the act serves no purpose other than reproduction?

1) Why are human designed with the ability to "pleasure" themselves despite that fact that such acts are harmful?

2) Why are misscarriage rate in humans so high (something like 31%) in a system designed by an intelligent designer?

3) Human and snake mortality suppose came from "The Fall", then how did every other living organism also have to suffer from mortality?

4) The flood, how did a man-made wooden ark survive a flood that supposely cover the entire Earth and also caused all geographical changes? (remember, the water have to travel at a rate of over 300 miles per second to from things like the Grand Canyon)

4.1) how come modern human technology cannot build a wooden ship that size, or fit 2 of every kind of animals into a ship of that size for forty days?

4.2) What about all the plants and fungi?

5) Why did this intelligent designer design things like the dodo bird or panda?

6) If beauty is a sign that there is a intelligent designer, then why does fashion change every decade?

6.1) How come there are differences in standards of beauty among different cultures? (you know, the old saying that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder")

7) Since humans are design in the intelligent designer's image, then what is the need for clothing?

7.1) Why can't the normal human body stand extreme conditions found in certain parts of the Earth despite being designed to "be fruitful and multiply, and fill the Earth"?

That's all for now...

Remember, to become a valid scientific theory, the theory must be able to stand up to questioning.

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