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Life is a joy to be shared with all. I am a visionary in the world of retail sales, and my fondest hope is to be able to provide the best product for the most agreeable price. I enjoy dealing with various consumers, and have always had a delight in helping others. My passions are that of the written word, and can be seen in the various pieces of poetry and prose that I have penned. I love to meet new people, and relish the time with others that have similar interests. My main forte in gaming genres are RPGs and Love Stories combined with a bit of puzzles. I also delight in being a composer of fan-ficition anime scripts as well. ^^ Konnichiwa, and blessings to you! Feel free to leave a message at the end of my tail if you wish :3


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Insurgency Sandstorm - Featuring Custom Maps, Gamemodes and Mutators