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kbza @ Death Legacy

We have been reported some issues regarding the installation and configuration of the game. We'll try to make a post explaining it step by step, but untill that moment, you can check the guide explained in the manual as well as the quick guide we added in the description section of the "[OLD] Death Legacy 0.6" piece of news. Remember NOT to download that version, it is quite outdated and has less content than the current one (version 0.7)

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kbza @ Death Legacy

First of all thank you for trying the game! I now try to answer the issues you found.
1st fatige is not just the "unsrested" state, its a mix of hunger, thirst and sleepiness... so it only recovers the part added by that tiredness.
2nd we know that sleeping doesn't heal at all, is something we made that way. We will take into consideration to add some HP healing to the sleeping part.
3rd there is just a way to recover hunger and is looting corpses (well, not corpses, the mini-chest they left behind) and finding pieces of meat. Also, by looting this mini-chests you can find HP potions to recover HP points.
4th about range weapons... dont know... they should be working... they only work in a straight line, and you can see if the enemy is in range of attack by hovering the mouse over the weapon icon (once equipped), it will show a blue border around the enemy if that is the case.
5th about slider and items in the inventory, we're working on it. We will add a system to trash garbage and we will take the slider suggestion into account.
6th about the map... we rejected the idea of a map at the beginning beacause it made the game really easy, but in later development we realized our maps were becoming larger and was pretty easy to get lost. So, we will add a map or some way to mark the places you've been to (this is something many people asked for)
7th about the shininess of the icy cave... well it was some artist decision and we thought it looked cool :P. Maybe someday we implement the sneaking mechanics and will make it darker to make it creepier as you said.

Thank you very much! suggestions like those will make this game improve a lot and if something I said wasn't clear enough don't hesitate to ask again (we know we need a proper tutorial :S)

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kbza @ Death Legacy

Thank you very much. As long as we have people like you interested in this kind of games we will continue improving it and who knows… maybe someday we can offer something worth playing ;). We will share a playable demo as soon as it’s ready, so stay tuned!

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