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It's about time I get back into this crap, so what better place to start then square zero. Since I have actually learned a good deal of java Ill be restarting my Unity experience in C# which we all know is really just Java. I'll be hitting up some tutorials, relearning how do do everything, and working a getting a work schedule going, possible later rewrite all my old stuff in C# just for funzies. Ill update this post with dated progress.

3/26/15 Unity 5 is really sexy and free, this is unexpected but great news. Figured I'd start with the Unity website Stealth game tutorial, so ill post progress on that as it happens.

4/8/15 Im starting up a group for people who want to learn C# in unity Come check it out.
4/21/15 Got a decent number of people who want to learn C# hoping to meet sometime this week!

P.s This is mostly for my own sake i'm posting this, but if you happen to be here and want to dive into Unity code yourself, I'd love to have somebody to throw code back and forth with.

 An apology,

An apology,

KayFishandChips Blog
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