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Hey there! My name is Kat. I am a voice actress for numerous game title & MMOs both on console and Steam. www.katabelle.com for a resume' and portfolio :)
I live in Los Anageles USA.

I love to play indie games, MMOS, and visual novels :)
I am more of a co-operative gamer rather than competitive.
I'm a tad bit obsessive over Mass Effect novelties.

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OMG look at these graphics:

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This is the work of Strike Games LLC and their game Vizaris that released August 21st!
They did an amazing job and I loved working the vocal effects for the female characters.
It is a breathtaking multiplayer survival RPG full of steampunk and magic technology.
It stays true to its survival elements: Hunger, thirst, sleep, hunting, harvesting, and scavenging.

You can check out their first announcement trailer here:

I wish this was on Steam! Well, now you'll know what will be consuming my next game binge before Fallout 4!

~Kat ♥



Katabelle Blog

Hey Kat
I have to agree, It does sound somewhat unnatural and flat, if you understand were I'm coming from.

The most Devs understand a lot about developing, though when it comes to stories and what's to be spoken & how, I personally feel they should give you more room to play and experiment more.

I don't know you,However I do feel you're more in tune to how a character should sound like and act than any of the Devs do.

Good Luck Kat

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hows a going

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