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Still seems quite unfinished. Animations, lack of tutorial, fuzzy controls, enemies still need work and the general look and feel is missing.

This game neglects the point of Slenderman games. It's not okay to give out a Slender clone two years after its release and it's not okay to give out a Slender clone that doesn't even do justice to the original game. You have to find pages in one of the worst asset store buildings. The game doesn't even make an attempt to connect the totally pointless houses. Some have interiors too, but it's meaningless, because the game design is so flawed. I had to climb a building in an elaborate way, yet there was no reward on the top, while there were several ammo parts on the ground just placed there randomly. You start off with two weapons for some reason and later you find an asset store AK-47 which seems to do less damage than the pistol and then an ax, that does absolutely nothing. The main enemy just walks towards the player and you can shoot it down. It's not scary, it's not fun, it's not dynamic or something unseen or even cool. It's just bad.
I was going to give it two stars, if there was a way to complete the game, but after some time, I was still unable to find at least four pages and the key to an arbitrary location, that was there for a plot filler I guess.

All in all, don't try it.


The Interview

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Game review - 2 agree - 1 disagree

Unique, original and mesmerizing take on the fps genre. A game that is more than just a gimmick is always welcome.


[REC] : InLich

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Hotel 13

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Game review

I'll probably check back once this gets an update, so far it's not interesting. The trees all look the same and they are not even rotated to add variation, apart from the pointless flashlight there is no light at all, just an ambient the makes the whole thing boring. You should definitely add different kinds of lights and new vegetation. Also I could walk through the trees, not to mention some trees were on the road.

So this game needs a lot of work, I don't understand the point of this beta version, this doesn't really show anything.


Something's Not Right

Game review

It was interested, but I disliked the open ending.



Game review

Simple, but interesting and therefore rather scary!



Game review

This was a rather boring game.
So many badly placed jump scares and they are usually the same. This building we enter makes no sense, in terms of room placing and the whole thing is basically one big empty labyrinth. Seriously, there is almost nothing in the rooms, which means naming them is just as pointless. Not one innovative scare was put into this game, and I don't even know why I died.
Also, there is no running option which makes the gameplay longer and it is very frustrating.

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