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A casual but dedicated gamer, full of ideas I can't always bring into being by myself. I love to Role-play and socialize through games.

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Infinite Pixels

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Looks good, admittedly my current computer isn't very good, but when i spawn i either fall through the world or am hit from behind by a large alien that resembles an Ork.
Due to lag, i am unable to shoot it.
I noticed the models for characters are voxel based, for the sake of CPU use, please make them solid models, not a group of models moving together.
Also, I've noticed a lack of exit menu buttons, and the mouse will occasionally go off to visit other windows on my desktop, leaving me staring at the ground or spinning in circles whilst a confused Ork beats me to death as i drill into the ground!

Other then the, entirely expected, glitches of a game in alpha, it appears a good game, with a tonne of potential!

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