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I'm a game designer/programmer who's just getting started up with the whole "making games" thing (all the half-made GameMaker games I made probably don't count). My first project is Quark Storm, a 2D platformer where you move only by rocket jumping. I also like playing games, whether they are for PC, consoles (I used to be a Nintendo fanboy, and that shows in my game and systems library), or tabletop (such as Magic: the Gathering). I also like learning all sorts of new, non-game related things, such as a classic Argentine painting style called "fileteado" or the Japanese language. Besides being mainly a programmer and game designer, I can draw half-decent pixel art and compose some music (mostly retro-ish chiptunes) as well.

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Indie Argentinian developers

Indie Argentinian developers

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This is a open group for all the Argentinian Indie developers or game developers that encounter in this great page.

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Latest tweets from @julian_imp

Ah, la satisfacción de ir resolviendo puzzles en #TheWitness... T.co

Jan 31 2016

Found out how to use two inspector tabs (one of them locked) to pass references to specific scripts among two objects in #Unity3D. So weird!

Dec 16 2015

After that, I'll have to tweak some things, add a settings screen and it'll finally be feature-complete! #Unity3D #VisualNovel #DevTools

Jul 13 2015

Currently working on saving and loading the game state for my #Unity3D #VisualNovel #DevTools. Message logging is also in!

Jul 13 2015

Just finished adding a message log to the dialog system! Current to-do list is now at 11 items remaining. #Unity3D #VisualNovel #DevTools

Jun 22 2015

Adding a couple of useful functions, such as moving multiple message nodes at once. #Unity3D #DevTools #VisualNovel T.co

Jun 21 2015

I tweaked lots of stuff to make my #Unity3D #VisualNovel #DevTools easier to use, and also wrote the documentation and an example script.

Jun 7 2015

Just sent an alpha build of my #Unity3D #VisualNovel #DevTools to a fellow developer who wanted to try it out. Getting closer to release!

Jun 7 2015

Question branching for my #VisualNovel #DevTools is fully functional at last! Just a bit more and it'll be ready for release. #Unity3D

Apr 5 2015

Been hard at work on a #Unity3D #VisualNovel, but here's some progress with my #DevTools's question system! T.co

Mar 31 2015