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Mainly a C++ Programmer but also know various other programming and scripting languages.

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Dynamic Game-play

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There has always been something bothering me about games throughout the decades.

Most games are completely static. There are no real dynamic elements to them, both when it comes to the map you play on or the game-play at its very core.

Games are made for being changeable, that's the media of games, interactiveness. Yet over the years they have gone more towards story telling rather than being what it's supposed to be, an interactive media.

Take any of your favourite games and load them up, walk around the map and tell me if you can change anything. More or less in all of the cases you can't, you can't move that tree over there, you can't chop it down, heck, most of the time you can't even more a small box of chocolates if you wished to do so.

I wish more people would see this and want a change rather than playing completely static games. They bring me no joy, I Want to be able to do more or less anything in the game. If I want to destroy a plant for no reason what so ever, let me do so!

A good analogy for these games would be a Prison. You're confined to one space, you can't do anything you choose to within certain limits, and there's nothing to move, pick-up or do anything with.

If I wanted to be confined I'd just sit inside my apartment and stare into the wall, because in a sense, that's how it feels to play these games. Worst part is that for every iteration of the same game series the graphics is the only thing that changes slightly.

I think it's time to seriously start evolving the game-play from a static, bland and boring one to a more free, breathing and exciting one rather than constantly focusing on the graphics.

The graphics have peaked, now lets focus on the game-play.

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Just checked your website and,

awesome work space :O

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