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To keep things clear


I'm writing down the basics of the Iberic Prototype concept. Moments ago I was on a hurry.
So, here it is, keep reading to know about it. It's long, but it has storyline spoilers. Beware!

  • The entire thing should be all satirical, humorous and comedic.
  • You're Juan Erroto, an old conservative that came out of the Spanish Civil War and works as a Civil Guard actually as a high rank.
  • The Civil Guard issues a mission to investigate the happenings in Ireki Research Inc., located at the Amara zone of the San Sebastian city (you're in San Sebastian).
  • Ireki is an interdimensional research corporate (kinda like Aperture Science, but with bigger and crappier portals).
  • Ireki was doing some experiments to open a portal to Mars, when they mistakenly opened a portal to Hell's Dimension by some "error in the coordinates". All Hell, obviously, breaks loose.
  • Hell's influence possesses the mortals around the facility, making them sort of zombie-like humans (like in L4D). Demons are also loose around the facility.
  • When Juan Erroto and his squad enters the facilities, the entire place is, obviously, destroyed. Each of the rest of the squad's members apart from Juan die one by one by several circumstances.
  • Juan arrives at the portal, now closed, with a Hellknight (explained later) holding a scientist. It throws him away and... bossfight.
  • After defeating the Hellknight, the scientist wakes from unconsciousness and tells Juan that the portal has opened elsewhere. "A greater sanctuary", "Buen Pastor" he says.
  • Buen Pastor seems to be the biggest cathedral in the city. Juan goes out of the facilities, keeping contact with the scientist via walkie-talkies, and finds out Hell has took the entire city, leaving the "former humans" loose as long as demons.
  • Juan goes all the way to Buen Pastor, inbetween fighting in a bossfight with a Phlegyas (explained later).
  • Juan arrives at Buen Pastor and fights inside a bunch of cultists and Father Gabriel (explained later).
  • After defeating Gabriel, Juan enters the portal and gets to Hell's dimension.
  • The Gates of Hell are located at the Infierno Zone, at Antiguo.
  • Juan gets to Hell's Gates and the inscription reads itself loud "Abandon all hope ye who enter here" with Baphomet's voice.
  • When Juan enters Hell, the people on Earth recover their human state, as Hell is concentrating on Hell's intruder. This is when that scientist looses contact with Juan, as interferences come by.
  • Once Juan gets to Baphomet's Altar, he fights him coming out of a great statue.
  • Once Baphomet is defeated, the scientist recovers the contact with Juan and makes him a portal to the city.
  • Once Juan gets back to the city, he's proclaimed as the Spanish Messiah, a hero for the state.

Enemies (images are for REFERENCE ONLY)
Former Human

Former Humans, or the Possessed, were humans once until they get possessed by the souls of Hell. The evil in those souls are so inmense that these poor bastards can even eat themselves, as they have gone completely insane to become rabid madmen.
Some scientists at Ireki have also became Former Humans.
Inspiration: L4D, George Romero's movies.

Unbaptized Cherubs

"What in the fucking Hell?! Why they must punish those little bastards that are not blessed by whatever it is!?" -Juan Erroto
As previously told, these were the unbaptized babies from the Limbo. Torn by the evil hearts of Hell, these in groups are still dangerous.
Inspiration: Doom 3, Dante's Inferno.


Raquitic demons that throw fireballs with their bare fists. That explains everything. Normally the privates from Hell as we can call them, they form part of the Hell's army as mere small soldiers.
Inspiration: Doom series.


Funny name for a flying danger. They throw out acid from their big mouths (unlike the image) and hiss on sight of a victim. Why they're called "Bubsaloids"? We have no idea.
Inspiration: Cacodemons from Doom, Eye of the Beholder from D&D


Sometimes, Hell chooses between the Former humans to become better-skilled infernal wizards in the arts of raising the dead. Once alive, one thing is clear: shoot them first. They will raise dead formers until you kill them.
Inspiration: Necromancers from Warcraft III

Pinky, A.K.A. Bulldemons

These hellhounds are the heavy artillery of the lesser beings on Hell. They charge, bite, maul and devour everything in their path. Kind of a mix between a bull and a dog.
Inspiration: Doom series.


Pure brute force and art of war in a blender. They don't only have an axe to rip you apart, also they throw fire in order to catch you and kill you. These beasts are as big as an elephant, strong as barbarians from the Ancient Eras.
Inspiration: Goat races from Doom (Hellknights and Barons of Hell), goatmen from Diablo II.


Their scale is equivalent as a skyscraper, but not as tall as Baphomet himself. These giant beasts will destroy anything in their path, only with one weakness: the bigger, the heavier they fall.
Inspiration: Phlegyas from Dante's Inferno.

Robed Cultists

They don't believe in a chakra, therefore they're armed. These will carry axes, guns, even infernal powers. As you come to Buen Pastor, they guard Father Gabriel to stop you from entering Hell.
Inspiration: Robed Cultists from Painkiller and Blood.

Father Gabriel

As a Former human, seems to be the worst of them, that if we already see his putrefaction all over his body. He's actually in bare bones!
This guy has the ability to change his place instantly and be capable of backstabing you with his scythe. Some will say this is Death's incarnation.
Inspiration: Death, Guardian's Eye from Doom 3... I don't really know, this might be something never seen before by me.


Despite how he appears on the image, he has body and limbs, unlike there.
The biggest commander on Hell, the one who leads the forces of Hell into Earth's damnation. This Big Daddy will summon demons, and try to crush you, smash you, throw you and kill you in his very own altar. He's resistant to all attacks, except for his head. Kill him, and your reward will be heavenly.


  • It will have multiplayer and singleplayer.
  • It will have multiplayer characters, each having a special buff only on multiplayer.
  • You choose only in multiplayer whatever arsenal you want to use, as the weapons won't spawn in levels.
  • There is of course powerups that always spawn whether on multiplayer or not, like a Quad Damage or a Soulsphere kind of thing.
  • There's no health/armor items on multiplayer levels. Only ammo.
  • Items don't hover actually, they lie on the floor or whatever.
  • There are several modes of multiplayer games, like Cooperative, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and 1-flag CTF.
  • Weapons can be unlocked with time played AND achievements. The more achievements you've made, the sooner you'll get a new weapon.
  • I'll be thinking of crafting like in TF2 if there's the case.
  • The singleplayer gameplay is basically hordes of demons/whatever rushing you, like in Serious Sam. But the start at the Ireki facilities should be easy enough to get used to the controls.
  • I plan on more and more updates bringing new styles of gameplay and new stuff to it.

How I want it done:

  • We don't have all the free time of the world if there's the case.
  • It goes by contributions from the Community, rather than a team. Kinda like Open Source software.
  • If this game sells, and if that's the case, I'll be paying an amount from the incomes once, depending on what the community has done. That'll require a Paypal account from you, guys. Don't worry, I'm no robber, you're safe.
  • Iberic Team's name doesn't mean we're a developer company of course. It's just to put a name on the makers of it.
  • Each contribution, whatever it is (models, music, textures, code...) should be confirmed by the admins and moderators (that includes me) of the community. When confirmed, that contribution's creator will get credit for it and maybe get paid along with the other contributions (whenever we get Steamworks).
  • I'll soon make the forum for the community, to let you post your contributions. I'll be needing admins and mods to approve the content. While having none of them, I'll take care of approving everything until I get a staff member.
  • The development page is this: Protopage.com Be sure to check it out for updates!
  • I'll be, apart from a concept art and music contributor, a spokesman to let all the people know about this, via Twitter, YouTube, etc. (everything Web 2.0).

And that's it!
Take in mind that even if this is greatly definitive, I'm still open for suggestions.
Let the Iberic begin!



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