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I am a passionate gamer/artist with a desire to create games, stories, worlds, and other media. I have way too many ideas and concepts to try and do myself, so I am actively seeking new talent and creative teams to help share and grow the gamming and art community as a whole.

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Alternate Title: Why didn't I join this site 5+ years ago.
I think what drives people to do things are passion, money, and or fear. I have always had these things bottling up inside and until now I have started to open up and let my dreams become more of a reality. Cheesy I know, but let me tell you somethings about myself so you can then tell me why I waited so long to do much of anything. I have done plenty of things before, but I've always waited around or stopped working on one project or another, coming up with excuses as I went. Anyway, here's some insight.
I graduated in 2005 from highschool. Afterwhich, I attended The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, where I graduated with a BS in Media Arts and Animation. Now in between those times, I have had so long to come up with ideas. Ideas of stories, worlds, games, companies, and many other wierd offshoots, like web-comics, photography, pixel art, and so forth. Out of all these projects, the closest any of them have come to being completed or, at the very least, worked on, is writing and game development. (The two things I care a lot about)
Anyway, after college, I didn't have much luck with finding a job in my field, and even though I occassionaly wrote a short story or chapter, or tried to work on a small game with some friends, none of which ever happened. These ideas and concepts sat in my head or PC, until this very day.
So, after finding this site (again), I have decided to put my past failures and procrastinations away and attempt to gather resources, friends, and critiques to help drive myself, projects, and team, into making some of these things a reality. I wish all of us the best of luck in the future.

Thanks to anyone who read this,
- JCalvin

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