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welcome to autism smiles llc inc. my name is jasper i am the founder of the cooperated company if you need any services for for your children with autism let us know if you like to play games let us know if you want to find more about us go to our face book wall and check out all 32 websites and 2 radio stations i own i am 22 years old and autistic search my company on the Google engine it will get all the families to have hope for there children that is what i do with my company is help children across USA AND CANADA helping with 60 some services for children with autism spectrum disorders and other disabilities we are a 501 c3 non profit organization supporting children with autism across the USA and Canada http://autismsmilesllc.org/ feel free to enjoy and look around and see what all services we offer to family's and children JASPER STEED FOUNDER i am a autistic boy and i love to meet new people i dont talk much and i love to use the computer and create video games and arcade flash games and i would like other people to share the sites with there friends that i own that is http://speedysarcade.net/ http://jaksfreestuff.yolasite.com/ i found out i was autistic at age 11 years old and i know how hard it is to fit in to the crowd and i know how hard it is to find a job i cant get a job so i have tryed to make money over the internet in a honest way and it is very tough my brain goes a hundred miles an hour i am trying out new things all the time and creating lots of websites i will do any thing to make money if it takes all year or years to do it i am trying to improve my socializeation and my communication and i have no friends where i live and i hate it so bad i did not get to go to regular school i went to a autistic school and it was ok it probally would have been better if i was in public school but that never happened and so i had no choice and it was not fairand i found out on mothers day my mom has cancer in here stomach and i want to be able to afford to have her surgery done and i dont have much money i try to save money but we cant because my moms job got up and left her stranded so we struggle to pay our bills and we fall behind all the time on them and i am trying to make money off of the websites i built and it is slow but happening slowly so i see my life coming to be rich soon i hope if every thing keeps up well i was told that i could not come out to become anything and i have shown that i can and i am happy to prove those people wrong all my therapist and nurses and social service and ect.and speech therapy i go to 4 doctors every moth wich i hate i wish i never had to see any doctor but i was born this way and i guess i have to handle it i have kanners syndrome autism here is some info about my autism Kanner's autism, commonly referred to as autism disorder, is the most common form of autism. It is believed to affect one child in one hundred and sixty six. This has the three major areas of symptoms; difficulties with social interactions, difficulties with imaginative play and repetitive behavior and difficulty with verbal and non-verbal communication.


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