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Two Hands...

Jason_Zombolt Blog 4 comments

On one hand, I can return to C&C modding

The Other, I'm partly into a prototype of a game.

And a third hand, I could use an easier "Genre Maker" Style engine and pop out something fast...

Blender Teacher

Jason_Zombolt Blog

I've been mossing along by so far in my carrier without learning how to use a 3d program, and I survived somewhat. But now I think that time has passed. With two game I want to mod, and an original project that would go faster with the 3dness, I need to get a good teacher. I know blender is a popular free 3d program, and I would like to learn how to use it. If anyone wants to help, that would be fantastic.

Thank you~

Modified Art Fun for All!

Jason_Zombolt Blog

I seem to have a knack for messing with official art, and make it neet looking. And yes, I do have more RA3 art. I will mess with some more art from other games too.

By the way, I am looking for anyone with Tom Clancy's HAWX one for the PC, to help me mod it. I will make a page once I get my hawx modding situated. If Anyone knows how to change the audio in that game, I will be eternally grateful too.

Zombolt Vs. Video

Jason_Zombolt Blog

Now, I have taken my first step into video with the new GFX card, and soo far there well. It's just I need help on the all important editing.

I cant get anywhere with raw footage...I need help!

Yet I have another problem, I am not Steve Jobs, I do not have a mountain of cash. And the thing I use so far, Windows Movie Maker, is getting on my nerves!!!

So in conclusion, if you know a good video editing software, that is free, you would be twelve different kinds of awesome!

Making HAWX 1 a cooler game

Jason_Zombolt Blog 2 comments

Well, now I'm just thinking out loud, so please add opinions.

I bought Hawx 1 for cheep, and enjoyed it. As a long standing Ace Combat fan, I thought it was a nice alt. Even if I had a garagfe sail flight stick

Though Hawx dose have a few sore points, that I think I can fix, and some I don't know if I can.

1) Basic Weapon Pack-The "Basic" Weapon pack is just normal missiles and flairs. That's it. Look at the Aces, and even the starter plane had a bomb. It's sorry to see some high Lvl planes like the F-15 Active get this too.

2)the MiG-23 Flogger- Not a Bad plane, just the most unilateral bad guy around. They show up on the Last Mission! I mean dude!

3)Bland Skins-I have a few new Skins from the Hawx official forums, yet vast amounts of planes still need help.

4) Skitzo cutscenes- In one of the earlier lvls, you have a picture of one plane, yet the corner vider shows something else! theis happens a few more times.

So I've started to look into Modding the Original Hawx into a somewhat Nicer Game. Well, here's to the Clancy Man's Ace Fighter.

More Stuff

Jason_Zombolt Blog

Well Here we are again. How are you? I'm steaming in my part of the world. 90 Flipping degrees in may!

ZBI is at an accelerated pace with it's first 12 Units being done.

SRW V has almost all of Season one done, just have to find an engine to start it

Project Ark Royal is steadily being written.

I'm going to get Tom Clancy's HAWX so I can fool with that soon ;)

And to tide you over, here's some DaiZengar
User Posted Image

Jason's Dev Blog

Jason_Zombolt Blog

User Posted Image

Well, this is my first time doing this...So here we go.

This is the List of things I am working on.

Red Alert Future Imperfect Finishes up in Feb. 14

Zone Break Industries, the code name for my Red Alert 3 mod will start soon, as RAFI winds down.

A fan game I'm working on the story for is Super Robot Wars V(nu) Featuring Many games and animes not seen in a SRW like Zone of the Enders, Gurren Lagann and Ace Combat.

And My goal is a Actual Original Game, and the story that is furthest along is Project: Ark Royal, an RPG that blends the normal roles into ways not seen this side of a TV trophes addiction.

Well that is what I am working on. I hope to see you soon!

P.S. AlicexDante? Why not!

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